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When a soul comes to live on the physical plane on Earth, many things can happen. There are some general lines of destiny, but the choices and decisions you want to experience will always be yours. We call this free will. Broadly speaking, karmic contracts has to do with living what needs to be lived. Stay with us and get to know more.


Although we use the word karma to designate “destiny”, it had another meaning. Coming from Sanskrit, the Indian sacred language, karma means “action”. This word exemplifies the concept of action and reaction very well.

According to the Law of Karma, nothing goes without result. For each of our actions, there is a reaction. If you do something bad, you will have to pay for it eventually. Just as if you do something positive, you will receive a gift in return. It is like an energy bank. And without this duality, balance would never be attained.

We call it Dharma all that we have to receive for the good deeds we have done in this or past lives. Karma would mean the burden we would have to bear for something bad we did. And it is precisely the accumulation of Dharma that balances Karma, being easier to live and liberate karmic contracts.

Karmic contracts


As you practice good deeds, positive energy accumulates and your Dharma gains points. But do these positive actions of now cleanse past karma or accumulate for a next life?

It is clear that doing good simply by doing, consciously or unconsciously always feels good. So you should not worry about it or do good with ulterior motives. All this circulation of good energy can eventually help you clear past karma, but also help you to live well with them.

When you become aware of your thoughts and actions, everything tends to become lighter. So this is the first step to break karmic contracts. Be always connected to yourself and reflecting on what happens in your life.


The other tip we give to break karmic contracts is to outdo them. This turns out to be the most effective way. Because it is no use doing good deeds if you have not yet learned what you need to learn with that particular situation.

We have already talked about karmic relationships before. These are relationships where souls are attached to each other, life after life, because of some pain that unites them. They often meet again for the sole purpose of learning to break free.

Let’s imagine that in a past life, you caused so much suffering to someone and this someone ended up committing suicide. Imagine the amount of the guilt you now carry. Identifying this sense of guilt in a current relationship in this life and observing whether you cause the same suffering would be the first step. The next step would be to act accordingly to obtain the forgiveness of that soul.

To truly understand the motives that led you to cause suffering in the other and to act in a way that would reward you would show that you learned the lesson. This would be a way of breaking karmic contracts. When you take it all so deeply into your heart, you change your response and attitude to that pattern and up a rung on the ladder of evolution.

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