Not all the Italians look the same

By Alessandro Carosi

Synchronicities……synchronicities,what a strange word but have been my companion for a long time now,what does really trigger them? Someone believes that is God/Universe way to let us know we are in the right life path,I like to believe so,this is an other of my synchronicities stories, this time we are back to Australia more precisely in Perth,the day after I would fly to Japan to meet Kaori and wanted to spend the last night out to my favourite bar with an Italian friend,we already had few drinks and queuing to enter we realised we needed to show our ID or Passport,my friend didn’t have any with him so to don’t have to change bar or go back home to pick it up I did something not stupid but more, I gave him my passport, I told him,we are Italians we look all the same,literally was me,an Italian with a heavy East European looking and my friend that ticked all the boxes of a traditional south Italian,arrived in front of the bouncer the guy maybe stupid,but not that stupid noticed the difference, he asked for my friend date of birthday to check if would match the one on the passport, obviously not, plus I didn’t think to let my friend know, result? The bouncer took my passport and told me I could pick it up the day after paying a fine of $2000 at the local police station………tragedy was the only thing I could think about,I begged him to give me my passport back but nothing, he said that if I wanted it that night I had to go to the police station and going back to the bar with a police officer,we run to the nearest one but no one was available,we walked back to the bar and literally crying I asked to have my passport, without it I couldn’t go to Japan to meet my girlfriend,nothing,he had zero pity for me and how I could disagree, poor man, every night he got to deal with drunk people and probably fed up wouldn’t let a big Italian guy win so easily, he told me that there was no way he could give me my passport back,I had to wait for the day after,I couldn’t I had a flight to take,what to do? what to do? We went back to the police station and in tears…..obviously me, I explained the situation, I needed that passport,I was willing to pay the fine straight away but I needed it that night,the police officer at the reception told me to wait till someone would be available…….we awaited 3 hours and at 3 am a policeman was at finally free to come to the bar, fortunately wasn’t too far,after the authority spoke to the bouncer at finally he gave it back to me without pay any fine,I think he lied to us just to scare us off the bastard.

The day after I was happily to the airport ready to fly to Japan just to find out that by Japanese laws I wasn’t allowed to leave without a return ticket, I know I shouldn’t said it but………….what a fuck!!!!!! To buy the return ticket it costed me almost $1000 plus $400 for the one way one I purchased few months earlier,what I have done to life to deserve that? Probably the wrong mindset, the time in Japan was wonderful but ended up awfully,what wrong this time? I would say again my mindset.

From here my life’s movie will skip forward ten years, I’m in London managing a coffee kiosk inside Fulham Broadway station, some Italian customers in need of coffee stopped by and after a quick chit chat find out they were from Vasto,the same town of the guy I had that misadventure in Perth, after I told his name and showed a pic on facebook an interesting story come out, the guy is quite popular in town cause 15 years earlier he played for a music band that won one of the most important music competitions in Italy, ”San Remo” I didn’t know but for a year they had a sort of celebrity time playing on every radio station and on TV,then for some reason they disappeared,maybe couldn’t make any more good tracks or maybe the mainstream music industry decided they made enough money and got rid off of them, I will never know and I never asked, all I know is that there is a sort of spider net connecting all of us,at least for me and now more then ever I need to understand how it works if I want to take control of my life, isn’t the first time to experience things like this and won’t be the last but now I have no more time, I must to learn how to co-create those life synchronicities if I have the power to do it.

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