Glaswegians Synchronicities

By Alessandro Carosi

At finally I made it to Glasgow after been waiting for winter to be gone and longer daylight, I had zero expectation due the bad reputation that this city has, a bad reputation I think unjust, I have to be honest, isn’t the most beautiful city in the world but has his own charm, I spent all day sightseeing hidden gems and drinking coffee in the best Glaswegian specialty coffee shops but what impressed me more about the city ? You won’t believe it but the best memories are two gorgeous religious buildings, a Muslim Mosque and a Sikh temple, they are the biggest I ever seen in Europe and
the last place I would expect it to be in Glasgow.

Muslim Mosque
Sikh Temple

Next to the Sikh temple a Christian Church like trying to show to the world that different religious believes can cohabit in peace, it reminded me of a funny story :

”A Muslim, a catholic, a Buddhist, a Christian walk into a cafe’ peacefully talking about life………this is what happen when you aren’t an asshole ”

The Sikh temple and the Christian Church

The day couldn’t start better then with a synchronicity in the form of a Greek couple showing up at Laboratorio Espresso where I was enjoying a great cup of Joe, where is the connection ? They were at my cafe’ few days earlier in Edinburgh with a friend that I knew cause working at Artisan Roast, an other synchronicity within a synchronicity, the first thought was, cool I’m on the right life path today and to confirm it the view of the bus number 77 that in spirituality means to be living in the flow of life, I was happy and maybe my positiveness attracted toward me the great day that ended up in a lovely funny evening with a good friend.

This evening heading back home from work I had an other synchronicity, I met on the street an old customers from London, in Edinburgh to work for a week, I feel the universe is planning something and the upcoming full moon might playing some part on it, let’s see what life is going to unfold for me.

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