Hiking in the Scottish Lands searching for the meaning of life and Love

By Alessandro Carosi

Yesterday was Easter Monday a public holiday in Scotland, in Italy is called Pasquetta that I might translate as ”Small Easter” I spent the day in Fife with a good Japanese friend, I took the first train from Edinburgh to Abedour where I planned to have a walk by the sea to Kinghorn where I would meet my friend and then visit Earthship an organisation committed to social and environmental change that benefits people’s lives and the sustainability of the Earth’s natural resources, the Earthship helps us to demonstrate in many ways how to achieve that goal.

It inspires change in people’s ways of living – from small changes such as in ways to save water, grow food, and re-use and reduce waste, to large changes like building sustainable homes.

These changes resource us as individuals in communities by giving us more skills and choices, while using waste gives us more physical resources at our fingertips.

The Earthship makes us more aware of our impact on the world, and of how our actions have a consequence. It makes us think about our energy use, and makes us more aware of the climate we live in. Earth surrounds the building on 3 sides and the weather determines how warm we are and how much electricity we have.

Due to the fact it is a simple but effective building design that can be followed by unskilled people, the Earthship also inspires hope in people – as we sit in it we realise that ordinary people can build sustainable homes, and that simple ideas can be transforming – however big or small.

It was sunny, warm, peaceful, I wasn’t anymore on earth but in Heaven, the morning light was of a spiritual brightness and the green hills kissed by the blue sea emanated a feeling of loving emotions, what I needed to appease the storm within myself, everything was perfect for an Instagram shot and the few lonely houses by the beach or on the hills overlooking the sea perfect for writers, painters, for any artist in search of inspiration and spiritual people in search of the presence of God and the meaning of life, there alone walking through those magical scenarios I felt needed nothing except the most important, Love.

I have been searching for it for so long but never been able to hold it in my heart, it come many time in the form of wonderful women but I didn’t recognise it because love can’t be found in an other person but within Ourselves, the moment we understand this and we do the work within to be happy and joyful in the present then we will be able to embrace love from others, have been a long journey but at finally I grasped the meaning of it.

I met my good friend in Kinghorn, she wanted to show me this wonderful project that is Earthship, there is no words to thank her for the great gift she gave me, not only I learned something important about self sustainability but the landscape was of indescribable beauty, the lake surrounded by hills and the Eco-village on one side reminded me of Itomori the town in the Japanese anime Kimi no na wa and maybe was meant to be.

We enjoyed some birds watching, had a stroll around the lake and then relaxed at the village cafe’ that is a mini market too selling organic fruits and veggies, fair trade products and anything Eco-friendly, the place had a comfy feeling and designed like a cottage you would never want to leave but……we had to, we had more to see and couldn’t afford to waste an amazing warm and sunny day like that, we are in Scotland who knows when we are gonna have it an other one like that.

We noticed a tree house and wanted to explore it, we walked up the hill but it was inside a private land but in the other hand we discovered an immense farm with sea view, we took the only road available and the reward was an explosion of colours, the sound of the nature and overwhelming peacefulness

I found my place where to die, the place to spend the last time on earth being one with this planet, like Tiziano Terzani did going back to Orsigna to spend the last months of his life , hidden in the Tuscan mountains.

The time arrived to go back home but revitalised by mother nature we decided upon to walk back instead taking a train, it took 2 hours but all worthed and discovered new places we wouldn’t otherwise.

We had a Japanese night where Master chef Naoko cooked a delicious Okonomiyaki, my favourite Japanese dish and Yaki-soba, after dinner we watched a Japanese TV series called Kimi wa petto while drinking Umeshu a Plum liquor and Nihon-shu a type of sake’, the comedy-drama set in Tokyo see a high educated woman find a young boy outside her building, feeling lonely after been left from her boyfriend adopt the guy as a pet calling him Momo, eventually they fall in love, the name of the dog and the fact that the guy is a dancer and the last episode set in Seoul made me think a lot about life, about love, about Julie, about Kaori and many other girls that came into my life carrying with them a precious gift, LOVE…..I was blind by my own fears, worries, problems, my inability to change and grow up, I didn’t see the gift and rejected.

In the last episode the main characters needs to make a choice, keep going on the same path that created confusion, dramas for themselves and others or to rise taking responsibility for their own lives, I felt that all was for me to help me to understand that is time to make choices, to grow up and rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Like I said to my friend earlier that day walking back home from Kinghorn, no one can complete us, no one can bring love into our lives if we don’t love ourselves first, I believe now that Love can only come within ourselves and then more Love will join us, we are the only problem we will ever have and we are the only solution.

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