Life is simple if we begin to understand of the temporariness of our journey

By Alessandro Carosi

What a strange day, I woke up with a feeling that something would go wrong, I kept receiving messages that some upheavals would take place but would be a blessing in disguise and…..something went wrong!!!! I had to meet someone in Glasgow tonight for few drinks and I was looking forward for it, I would finish work and then get the bus, in one hour I would be there but I didn’t put into considerations factors out of my control like the cat of my colleague feeling sick and probably close to die, she was crying and couldn’t let her keep working, I told her to go home and I would close the shop by myself, unfortunately it would take me a couple of hours extra and I had to cancel the meeting, blessing in disguise? who knows!!

Staying alone got me the chance to think a lot, what I’m doing ? where I’m heading to ? work career ? fuck you !! I can’t understand why is so difficult for people to see the illusion of life, I feel more and more in a sort of matrix, people seems zombie or like a projection, a projection of my mind ? I don’t know, I can feel the soulless of the majority of the population, they don’t questioning life, probably don’t even know there is something to questioning, they are so sure about what to do in life that they don’t have time to realise that they don’t even know why they are alive beings and why they are gonna die, life is such a mystery that should be studied, analysed but we are so sure that is all about working, buying and repeat but……. nothing will follow us into the grave, it seems so simple to me, so simple that I can’t figured out why isn’t for others, meanwhile we try to understand life we should love each other but no, we don’t even think about it and we slowly carry ourselves into the grave without even thinking why we go through life in the way we did except when powerless and close to the end we start to think and ask questions and then the journey will be to short to make a difference or maybe it was what was supposed to be.

This time in Edinburgh becoming massively a time of reflection, I never had so much time to think about life like now,I am where I’m meant to be ? seems like, deep within my soul I begun to develop a need to help others, to be a guide, a teacher, like some tarot readers prophesied and maybe I’m heading there, I want to help, to teach ,to be a good example but I need healing first, I feel I’m healing but is a slow recovering that I would love to speed up, I need to learn the art of patience that is the hardest to learn, I’m part of a game I don’t know the rules and need to be patient to maybe understand what is my role, at the moment all I can teach is to play at life on our own rules, leave that relationship that makes you unhappy, leave that job you hate, don’t listen what people says cause everyone will have different opinions, some will respect you, some will dislike you, fuck them!!!! leave the fucking life you hate and embrace what you believe, eventually who belongs in your life will come, isn’t a thought is a fact!!!!

There are so many things I would love to talk about, so many stories to tell but limited time, limited mental energy to find the focus to write them down, but I feel the urge to do it, to leave my footprint on the web and been able to guide or just give some hint to who searching or who is meant to encounter in what I write or say, life journey is meant to be shared as a will to who is coming after us.

I have to say thanks to Tiziano Terzani that like a father I never met through his books taught me that life is worthless if not shared with others, our extraordinary and ordinary life journey have to be a signpost to who is coming after so that they will be able to swim through this existence easier, thank you Tiziano to give me a new life purpose, a meaningful one

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