From Bundaberg through Glasgow to Tchai-Ovna

By Alessandro Carosi

13 years passed by from when I met Deborah in Bundaberg picking Fruit and vegetables and spending our evenings in the hostel beer garden drinking and laughing, after 13 years we met again in the last place I would ever think to meet her, Glasgow in Scotland, what a strange journey life, I lived for 5 years in London and even the thought to move up here would make me laugh, I always said that I would never go to live in Scotland, too far and cold and after 5 years in a way I can’t explain, or maybe I can, simply I’m not always in charge of my life or maybe I never do, some life circumstances that I like to call synchronicity brought me here, the hermit is what I have to experience and even If I don’t want to do it it seems like that I have no choice then to think about what I want to become, learn to accept what is gone and learn to enjoy the present moment even when life is challenging me, tough times, but I can only grow from this.

Let’s go back to my friend, I knew she was in Scotland but for some reason I never thought about get in touch to meet up for a drink, last week I felt was the time, we met yesterday in Glasgow for an Italian pizza and we had a great time recalling the good times we had in Australia, we talked about common friends that took different life path, someone got kids and settled down and others somewhere else around the world maybe looking for the meaning of life, she look like when met in Bundy, slightly older but not massively, she took me to a popular Italian Pizzeria and after trying the pizza I understood why, it was just amazing and find out that she turned Vegetarian made me even happier, she told me happened to bump randomly with other guys from that time and surprised about the coincidence but there is no coincidences, just events that we might to understand later on in life and sometime realising that was meant to be to direct or redirect us to certain life paths.

After lunch she took me to Glasgow University where she works and showed me the beautiful botanic garden that deserve an other visit next time I’m back and before go home she took me to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum that is quite interesting but after the National museum of London and Edinburgh everything else look like a miniature, we enjoyed a nice stroll inside but was getting late and she needed to go back home, she lives in another town that require one hour and half driving, next time I will go to visit her hometown Ayr that I have been told really beautiful and surrounded by breathtaking scenarios, I had few hours left before go back home and took advantage to discover something new, the last stop was a cafe’ that more then a cafe’ felt like a hangout for like minded people, located in a hidden street in Glasgow west end is a place you can’t bump on it by accident, inside I felt at ease, in peace, I felt teleported in Asia,in Tibet or Nepal, or on the peak of Himalaya enjoying from a small cosy Asian cottage the beauty of nature thinking about the meaning of life and Love, it was truly inspirational and when I will stop to roam around the world that is the type of place I want to create, a space that makes people feel to be part of a community, a space where artists, dreamers, travellers meet to exchange ideas and maybe trying to change the world, I want to do it and I will, we are one, we are Love.

Tchai-Ovna is a speciality tea-house and music venue situated in the West End of Glasgow. They are known to serve “alternative” teas.[1][2]They also serve vegetarian and vegan food and allow the rental of Hookah pipes. Tchai-Ovna also provides a place for music, poetry readings and dramatic performances and an arts exhibition space for talented local artists.[3] It also hosts musical events on most week days, with performances from songwriters, jazz musicians and local and world music artists.[4]

Tchai-Ovna’s name is inspired by the teahouses (Čajovny) in the Czech Republic. The Glasgow venues are popular,[5] particularly with students, the elderly and members from local bands[6] Belle and Sebastian‘s 2003 album art for Dear Catastrophe Waitress was shot in Tchai-Ovna’s West End venue.

Tchai-Ovna may be forced to close by a proposed new development of luxury flats on Otago Lane. A community campaign to save Otago Lane is attempting to defend it.

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