Find your life purpose

By Alessandro Carosi

Which is our life purpose ? So many people already asked it before me and really few found an answer, I feel that being on service of others is our life purpose, I believe we all have different skills, talents, we have it for a purpose, I can’t be sure 100% but I feel in my heart that we do, life is a short journey, we born, we grow, we die, I already experienced the death of close friends, relatives, one of my parents, I’m conscious that I will be gone at some point and not interested to know when, today, maybe tomorrow, I don’t care anymore, till I’m here I want to bring a smile in someone face, light their days with a silly joke, make them a good coffee, isn’t always easy cause as human beings we are made of emotions, feelings, I had a special friend staying with me last week and for a couple of days I have been in a horrible mood, don’t know if for the upcoming full moon, withdrawn from caffeine or sadness for the perceived loss of an important Soul but I have been rude to her and felt so bad, I don’t like to treat people badly especially who care about me but couldn’t control my feelings, as I said, even if we know that life is about love we need to be aware that we won’t feel in peace or happy all the time so we need always to be grounded and keep under control our emotions, I apologised to her and explained but sometime couldn’t be enough so we need to really keep an eye at what arise within ourselves, life is about love, it must to be, I believe that and I can’t deny how all my past experiences bad and good made me a better person, we must to find our life purpose to give to this life a meaningful purpose and helping ourselves and others could be the one.

Remember one thing before you embark in this journey, you can’t help anyone if first you don’t help yourself, you must love yourself first to be able to love others and the way you help them isn’t important, it could be making them a coffee, a smile, helping an elderly to across the road, picking rubbish,any act of kindness toward our fellow humans or our planet can make a difference, one by one we can change this world and give meaning to our lives.

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