Our Souls are a permanent working in progress

By Alessandro Carosi

Nature is the best answer when I need to get back in touch with my soul and today off from work and with a sunny day in Edinburgh I took the chance to go for one of my long walks surrounded by mother nature but first stop have been the Edinburgh Thai Buddhist temple that a friend recommend me to visit, it wasn’t too far from home and was funny to find out that actually I seen it few times from the canal and thought that was a Thai restaurant.

From outside look like a normal house but inside in one of the biggest rooms statues of Golden Buddhas invite you to relax and quiet your mind to pray and meditate, a Scottish guy I thought was just a builder repairing part of the building was actually one of the people that look after the temple and in a perfect Thai introduced me to one of the Monks, a friendly young Thai, we had a good chat but he had to go out so he couldn’t stay too long but I find out that on Sunday they have Thai Language classes and meditation classes, normally I work but I hope I can join one day, I spent a good hour meditating recharging my body and Soul ready for the long walk ahead of me, I took the Water of Leith walkway but instead to walk toward Leith as my usual I went the other way around, Balerno.

Thai Buddhist Temple

I done this walk few times but unexpectedly I discovered new paths I wasn’t aware of, my Soul was craving for a peaceful environment where have the chance to focus on Love and trying to figure out where I’m heading to in life, is a tough period for me where I’m doing the within work I kept postponing and trying to leave the past behind, a past that is holding me back but that I found so hard to leave, memories of people I wished I could end up differently hunting me but I know I have to make this bold decision and moving on otherwise I will be stuck in a self destructive pattern that its slowing killing me, physically and mentally.

Walking through the forest with the river as a good friend on my side made me think that maybe that’s the walk I used to do in a past life, a middle ages past I found myself to be in a past life regression I did in London years ago, who knows, maybe, but I experienced too many weird stuff to deny it.

Tiziano Terzani from my Ipod talking about his life experiences as a journalist in war zones like Vietnam and Cambodia explaining that wars, revolutions will never bring peace, the only revolution have to be the one of the soul only working within ourselves understanding our deep fears, needs, attachments we can then change this planet, here in Edinburgh I’m forced to do the work within myself and fully realising how hard it is to change, now I’m aware why society tends to go back to the same issues over and over, dramatic events force us to make a change but without change within slowly things will fall apart again, we can see it clearly now, history repeating itself, its time for the revolution of the soul, walking through those beautiful scenarios I felt one with all it is, I felt the connection, my mind wandering between past, present and future seen clearly my life history repeating itself.

In Colinton to welcome me the statue of a young Robert Louis Stevenson that before me staring at this mesmerising landscape might have thought about the meaning of life and done his within work before writing his famous books and poems, the nature around the water of Leith walkway is so inspiring and living surrounded by such beauty pulls out of you energy you didn’t think to have, emotions you didn’t think to feel, all of this has the power to transmute words in songs, letters in poems and books.

A young Robert Louis Stevenson
The most beautiful music, the sound of the nature

I looked around me one more time to absorb the love emanated by this natural beauty and restarted my walk to Balerno, this village hidden on the hills that surrounds Edinburgh seems unreal, like in a fairy tale or from a book of J.R.R. Tolkien, you can breath peacefulness in every corner but the strongest feeling is like the time stopped, maybe does and everyday everything is repeated day by day, forever.

Welcome into the hidden village of Balerno
Far away in a parallel universe is Balerno

The day ended with an other beautiful discovery, Pentland Hills Regional park, a stretch of green fields and hills that seems endless, looking at people walking around in the distance made think that maybe that’s how heaven look like, souls enjoying the colourful mystery that is life and death

Souls enjoying the life mystery
Heaven on Earth

The day was one of the most beautiful and Instagram added a pearl of wisdom with this tarot card and its meaning

You are lifetimes-long, seeker, and your soul has journeyed and traveled through skins and forms and elements, time and again. In this lifetime, you are being offered the wisdom of all that has gone before in order to continue the healing journey of your own soul. You are surrounded by the energy of the peach blossom tree, a great old tree that grows deep within the Kitsune realms, and those who reach it are small compared to its mighty branches. You are now climbing the tree of immortality, and as you climb, your soul is refining itself becoming more pure, more wise, shedding all that once held you back. The tree of the immortals whispers to you that you are one of its children, that you are immortal, and that you will return to its branches again and again in the lifetimes to come. You are asked to not attempt to force some kind of inhuman perfection on yourself. Instead, the tree of immortality asked you to embrace yourself and to love yourself with patience and kindness, for with this love there will come a flowering of the soul, and the joy and peace which you seek will come to you in this energy of love. For now, though, child of the peach flowers, sit awhile in the branches of the tree of immortality. Watch the fruits of the spirit grow, and know you are seen, accepted, and loved by the wise and sentient god of the forest of the Kitsune.

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