Why do we write blogs? To help others or to just help ourselves?

By Alessandro Carosi

The idea of this blog was to share information that could be of some help to others, I wanted to share my personal life experiences that goes from extraordinary events to ordinary everyday life and at the same time stories from other bloggers that I would find helpful, my only thought was to reach as many people as possible, I found was a great idea to share other bloggers articles so to promote their websites too, my primary intention was to help, I make no money with this blog and I don’t use it to boost my self ego, all I want is to help sharing what I found important on the web and from my own life.

Not everybody its doing what I’m doing, a lot of bloggers that seems to want to benefit others all they really want is to benefit themselves, more then one time I have been told off from bloggers cause I shared their articles, even after explaining which was my real intentions I have been asked to delete the post from my page, sometime threatened that I would have been reported, what all of this means to me?

Those people doesn’t want to help or if they want to it is only after their personal gain and gratifications, if they really wanted to give helpful advice they should have been happy that someone was promoting their articles, if someone would copy and paste what I write I would be more then happy cause that would means that more people could be reached and helped, that’s what we want that as many people as possible can get what we put out there on the web, I reach 10 people, someone would share one of my posts and let’s make that 5 people would read it, we have a total of 15, definitively someone would find it helpful, if I write something that will benefit an other person why then trying to be the only one to own it, just so that my name would be recognised and feel important? In this case I’m not trying to share knowledge, I’m trying to feel important, to boost my self ego, I’m trying to make money for the sake to just making money, this is the problem in our society, our EGO!!!!

This life is a short journey that will end up sooner then we think so which is the meaning to wanted to feel important, famous, recognised? I don’t give it a shit, who give a shit to be famous when around the world people die, suffer, you can be famous, rich, important but if is the consequence of being at the service of someone else, if nobody is watching you then who cares, at least you are making other lives better.

There is a story that explain so well our society mentality, Tiziano Terzani a journalist that lived in Asia during the Vietnam war during a TV show for an Italian channel told the story of this american journalist that to have the exclusive right of some news and so to be recognised as the only one to give the scoop gave fake info to his colleagues journalist so that they wouldn’t follow him and when arrived to the river to reach his destination paid all the boat owners to don’t be around in case others would find out about the big news, at the end he got this scoop, what if he would die trying to reach destination? No one would ever know what happened that day, so he was going to get proves of what happened to inform the audience about the facts, he didn’t do it for the sake to give a service but he did it for himself, if he was unselfish he would share what he knew with the other journalists and all together they would try to inform the audience around the world easily reaching as many people as possible, that’s what an unselfish journalist wold do and that’s what an unselfish blogger would do, trying to reach as many people as possible with the help of other bloggers, we are not alone in this life journey and only together we can make a positive difference.

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