You don’t need LSD anymore, if you want to have a trip just take Asthma medications

By Alessandro Carosi

This happened few years ago and not sure if what I seen was a spirit or just a hallucination, at the time due to a serious asthma attack that was the worst I ever had I have been prescribed for heavy antibiotics that as side effects, I know you won’t believe it, had the possibility to hear or see things that weren’t actually real, let’s skip the fact that a medication that is supposed to healing you actually could affect your mental health is already pure insanity but at the time I had no choice.

I don’t know if those medications really helped me and I don’t know if I really needed it but nothing I could do at that moment, so I was taking those tablets that made me feel really tired and moody, I didn’t hear or seen anything even if, I know that sounds stupid I was curious to experience it till when one day waiting to across the road from Fulham park to my house something odd happened, due to the heavy traffic jam cars were unable to move, I was going to across the road when I noticed an old man inside a car in the back seats, in the front two beautiful young girls, he was picking his nose and looked like a pimp, I knew the guy he normally passed by my cafe’ at Fulham Broadway station with a young girl, everything was making sense, he must definitively being a pimp, I diverted my glance for few seconds in front of me ready to across but the cars restarted to slide on the road so I had to stop, the car with the old man passed in front of me so I wanted to give an other peek only to realise that the old man disappeared, literally vanished, where he was gone, it was impossible he could have left the car so fast I diverted my eyes for less then two seconds, at first I thought he might have been the spirit of that man I used to see in the station, that he might have died ? he didn’t cause I met him again few months later but doesn’t remove the fact that I seen something that wasn’t actually there, the only thing I could think was that medication side effects but still till now at the back of my head the thought that maybe was more then a hallucination, maybe I really seen the soul of a dead person, at the moment I’m not able to know it, sure thing was that from that day I would stop taking that drugs and threw it away.

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