The gentle healing energy of Malta

By Alessandro Carosi

What an enjoyable surprise Malta, It is even better then I thought, years ago I had this strong desire to move to live here but never happened then through synchronicities like only life is capable to create my brother ended up to live here from Dubai and so my chance to come to visit it that otherwise I would probably never done.

This mysterious island with at the back centuries of colonization from Arabs, Ottomans, Romans, Greeks, Spanish, left a mix of architecture and culture that makes this small piece of land in the middle of the Mediterranean a fascinating and mysterious country, now that I’m here I feel strongly attracted by an invisible energy, I like this place, the slow phase of the people, the sun, the blue sea and sky, the energy that blow gently through the narrow streets and the white houses, I feel there is something for me here, something to learn and grow from, I know that if is strongly meant to be I will be pushed toward it in the future like happened for Edinburgh, at the moment I will enjoy this holiday trying my best to keep healing my body and mind, living in the now fully aware of life bigger picture.

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