A journey in the Maltese world of Tarot Readings

By Alessandro Carosi

I wanted to know more about Malta coffee scene so I decided for a specialty coffee shops sightseeing, I started from Lot Sixty one a chain from New York that spread up through London till Malta, well made and wasn’t for the amazing weather that you would never have in UK the feel was like to be somewhere in London or Edinburgh, coffee was great and tasty, the guys knew what they were doing even if they could be a bit more chatting, my second stop would be in Sliema a suburb not too far from my airbnb, coffee circus is a Maltese chain that has few shops and mobile coffee vans around the island, I had a beautiful walk by the sea enjoying the bright blue colour of the water and the cloudless sky, arrived I felt in love with the shop straight away, the style and design is what I like, small,cosy, a big door that light up the entire space, few seats outside, my dream cafe’.

I had a filter from Colombia, sweet and not too acidic, the girl behind the coffee machine knew how to brew it and was really friendly and chatting like a barista should be, baristas around the world forget that working in a cafe’ isn’t only about making the best brew but is even about interaction and make the customers feel at home and happy, unfortunately most of the shops staff doesn’t care and owners are more interested to make money then to offer a unique experience, this time was different and happy to discover this small pearl, meanwhile I was drinking the coffee an idea come up, what if I go to visit a tarot reader? I always go to one when moving to a new city or country, I done a research on internet and found few numbers, great it was quite easy so I decided that in one of the next few days I would call one and see what they would tell me.

I left the cafe’ and restarted walking hopefully discovering new interesting shops, I kept following the seaside till a huge road work prevented me to go ahead, I took a street that where going inside the village and from there I would try to get back to the seaside, I was observing the buildings architecture when some colourful design below a balcony caught my attention, I got closer just to find out that were advertising for an aroma therapy healing business, the door was open and I felt obliged to go inside, reading about other Ad I found one of a Tarot reader I knew I wasn’t there by accident and decided to book an appointment.

We met in the afternoon and what come out from the cards is just what I have been told so many times lately and signs that constantly I keep receiving, the lady told me that my vibrations were really high but there was some blockages that prevented me to express it, she wanted to do a Reiki session for free and felt so much better afterwards.

Nothing happen by coincidence so this shop, the lady, Malta, all those pieces coming together will create the bigger picture that is hard to see now, there is no doubt that something is blocking me, is blocking my energy, it might be what is meant to be to make me grow and I grew a lot in the past years, I don’t regret what I have done in the past cause gave me the tools to become who I am, at time is hard to accept especially thinking about people I loved and lost but if it helped to change and helping me to keep growing then I can be only grateful for those life lessons.

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