Losing control of a car in your dreams

By Alessandro Carosi

Last night I had the strangest dream ever, not for the dream itself but cause it was the first time that the same experience would repeat over and over again in the same night.

I was driving a car and I would lose control of it, all the time brakes wouldn’t work and I would find myself in a downhill road where I would be able to stop the car without crash it, there was a range of different people I can’t now remember faces except the one of my grandmother, I woke up in the morning and first thing I did was to research on internet the spiritual meaning, I believe that dreams talk to us they are the connection to the other side and the way souls trying to reach the people they care about.

On Internet there is so much to search for and is hard to know what is true or not, when it comes to spirituality is even harder cause except you experienced some extraordinary event personally you won’t know the veracity of the article so Lately when I’m choosing a post related to my dreams I just follow my gut instincts and seems that most of the time what I read make sense, Spiritual people believes that intuition is the link to the beyond.

Those links belongs to the posts I found this morning:

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What to Do When You’re Careening out of Control

posted in Challenges on November 2, 2017 by Cylon George

What to Do When You’re Careening out of Control

“When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control how you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power is.” ~ Unknown

Picture this.

You’re driving along the freeway on a snowy afternoon.

Without warning, you lose control of the car and it careens across four lanes of traffic, slamming into a snowbank on the shoulder.

This is exactly the situation I found myself in years ago. The experience has stayed with me all these years. The sensation of losing control of a moving car is frightening beyond words. There’s a feeling of helplessness that’s hard to describe when you’re at the total mercy of a three thousand pound vehicle.

Sometimes life can feel like that. One minute you feel like you’re fully in control, the next something happens that completely shatters that feeling. A terminal diagnosis, an accident, or a sudden breakup can leave you feeling totally helpless.

You may be tempted to say things like “What’s the use in trying to make things better?” or “It’s just the way things are.” But we both know that these statements are not true.

While it is true that we have less control of our lives than we think, we’re never totally helpless. Even in a situation where you’ve lost control of a car you can make choices that can help you regain control.

Turns out that the steps to regaining control of a skidding car can also help you regain control of your life.

1. Keep your foot off the gas

If you’ve lost control of a car, chances are you were driving too fast. That was true in my case. A truck was trying to pass me and was spraying blinding snow on my windshield. My response was to increase my speed to try to pass the truck driver instead. That’s when I lost traction.

The same can happen in our lives when we’re going too fast. When something bad happens to you, do you respond by becoming insanely busy? Instead of trying to speed your way out of the situation, try taking your foot off the accelerator.

Allow yourself to naturally slow down so your emotions can catch up to the reality of what’s going on. Eliminate the busy work and allow yourself to sit with your emotions. Acknowledge your feeling of helplessness. This is the first step to regaining traction in your life.

2. Keep both hands on the steering wheel

The most dangerous aspect of losing control of a vehicle is the overwhelming sense of panic that can cause us to make decisions that make the situation worse.

If you let go the steering wheel out of fear and panic, you’ve given up the most effective tool you have for regaining control.

Have you stopped praying, meditating, exercising, eating, or sleeping during a crisis? If you want to regain control, grab hold of the steering wheel with both hands.

If you can only manage to exercise for 5 minutes a day instead of the usual 30, you’ll be much better off exercising minimally rather than giving it up altogether.

3. Look where you want to go

When our lives are spinning out of control, it’s natural to focus on what’s going wrong and on past negative experiences.

Instead of endlessly ruminating about what you could have done differently, ask yourself this question:

What do I want to experience in this moment?

Do you want to repair a broken relationship? Do you want the strength and discipline to do the right thing? Do you want to experience peace in your heart no matter what happens to you?

Decide what you want to experience. Look where you want to go.

4. Steer where you want to go

Once you’ve set your sights on where you want to go, simply start turning the wheel of your life in that direction.

You can do this by making a sincere apology or fully accepting your life situation by releasing anger and resentment. These are not easy steps to take and they won’t happen instantly.

And that’s ok. Just focus on doing one small thing each day that will help you move in the direction you want to your life to go.

Get back on the road

If you’re in a situation that feels helpless and hopeless, if you feel like your life is about to crash, know that you can avoid disaster by taking steps to regain control of your inner life.

You may not be able to control what’s going on externally, but you don’t have to relinquish control of what’s going on in your mind and heart.

Just gently let your foot off the gas, keep hold of the steering wheel, look where you want to go, and turn the wheel in that direction. Take these steps and you’ll be back on the road to wholeness and well-being in no time.



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Cylon George


Cylon is a blogger, devoted husband, and busy dad of seven. He blogs about practical spiritual tips for living well.

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by Tanis Helliwell

“It is not our personality – our lower self – that decides the timing of our awakening, but our higher self.”

At this time in humanity’s development many people are experiencing dislocation and confusion about their roles in society, their family and even themselves. To them it may appear that their former roles, values, and relationships are no longer valid. They question the purpose of their lives and everything that once had meaning for them.

The major thrust in human evolution during the next two thousand years is for people to become soul-infused personalities through their own spiritual transformation.

What I am discussing is far more than a mid-life crisis, for it may occur at any age from a teenager to a senior citizen. This process may commence suddenly with the onset of a life threatening illness, or it may be a gradual disenchantment with society’s values by someone who “has it all.” Individuals may be uninterested in spiritual topics and still encounter this process because all people are spiritual just as they are physical, emotional, mental, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Therefore, this experience may arise both in the life of someone who meditates and does spiritual practices, or with someone who does not. It is not our personality, our lower self, which decides the timing of our awakening but our higher self, our soul.

If you are undergoing a spiritual transformation it might feel as if you are losing control of your life, and perhaps even questioning your identity. This feeling, however, is just your personality’s fear of losing control. In actuality it is an indication of strength and spiritual and emotional maturity when a person undergoes this spiritual crisis.

References to this process are found in many religions and cultures. In the old testament of the Bible it is referred to as the dark night of the soul. The twenty-third psalm speaks of this journey as going through the valley of the shadow of death. In ancient Greece, Egypt, India and other cultures there were schools of wisdom which helped individuals through this process. These individuals were taken into seclusion and taught what was referred to as the inner mysteries, which are the spiritual truths on which our world is founded. “Is it necessary to undergo a spiritual transformation, you might ask?” Yes, it is because the purpose of this transformation is to become a conscious Creator on this planet in accordance with divine will.

Each of us is given just what is needed to assist us with our transformation.

In our western world there is little support for people to undergo this spiritual transformation. Very few people enjoy the luxury of quitting their jobs and going to India for the rest of their life to meditate. Nor is this necessary. None of us are given more than we can handle. We are set up to succeed in this transformation and not to fail. This means that if we are married, have children, have a nine to five job that we can do this and still succeed at our spiritual transformation. This is likewise true even if we are divorced, do not get on with our children, and have just been fired from our job. Each of us is given just what is needed to assist us with our transformation.

If we are to become conscious Creators we need to do this on three levels, which is to transform ourselves, transform our work, and transform our world. This process of spiritual transformation entails a commitment to world service even if you do this in your own family. To achieve this goal we must first transform ourselves so that our fears, attachments and self-interest do not sabotage our effectiveness in our work in the world. We affect others not just by what we do, but by who we are as human beings. The more we purify ourselves the greater our positive impact on others by our very presence.

The numbers of people undergoing this spiritual transformation are increasing daily. This is obvious from the chronic low grade depression we sense in people around the world. It does not make sense that people in the developed world who have fine homes, jobs, cars and the opportunity to buy most anything they wish would feel depressed – unless another reason for their depression exists aside from satisfying their material needs. A soul hunger is emerging in people in the western world who have strengthened their personality and fed it everything it wishes. No amount of possessions, relationships, or status will fill this hunger.

Our soul works through our personality to serve in the world.

Our commitment to serve others above serving ourselves will be tested throughout the spiritual transformation process until we can say that our foremost goal is to serve the divine will on Earth. It is still possible to lead an ordinary life with family and career, but now our major concern is no longer with money, status, and security, but rather with a desire to assist others in some way. Our commitment to make a difference to others and the world fills our life with joy and love.

Trust and Fear

To succeed in this process of initiation we need to have a deep level of trust in the divine – whether we call it God or the Creator – to look after us. We also must trust ourselves that we are up to the challenge. When we trust and surrender to the greater good, we open our hearts in a deeper way than was possible previously. Through our trust a profound opening occurs in our hearts. It is an almost magical experience. We find ourselves in a brand new place, which we might have consciously or perhaps unconsciously yearned for. It’s a place of peace, of compassion and of acceptance for ourselves, for others and for all life. And all that is required to arrive in this place is a deep surrender to trust that we will be safe. That we are loved and cherished. That we are the young brothers and sisters of those who have gone before and who are wayshowers ahead of us on the path. That our Universe is a continuous stage of growth, a conscious creation. That the Earth is evolving, that the planets are evolving, that the Sun is evolving, that God is evolving and that we are part of this continual state of evolving into consciousness.

When we trust and surrender to the greater good, we open our hearts in a deeper way than was possible previously.

We cannot help but evolve, and the only way that we ever hinder our evolution is to keep ourselves closed. And what closes us? Fear is what closes us. Fear that we will not have enough; fear that we will not be looked after; fear that we will not be loved; fear that we will not be smart enough. Fear that we will undergo a scarcity of something, that we will not receive whatever the goodies are that others are getting. Fear combined with lack of trust in the divine makes it difficult to commit to doing the divine will. Fear shuts down the flow of energy from the higher spiritual realms and impedes the entire process of spiritual transformation.

A Supportive Community

Spiritual transformation occurs more quickly when we work with like-minded individuals who are going through the same process. This is the power of 1+1=3. The benefits in being a member of a dedicated spiritual transformation group are enormous. Each member multiplies the effects that the group has on each other, and in the world. This greatly increases the strength of the group in manifesting their goals, and decreases the time that this takes. Naturally each of us has preferences to overcome and the other group members act as role models in how to overcome these. For example, some of us love God unconditionally, but we are not quite sure about our fellow human beings. Others might love animals, but we are not so sure about humans. Others might love our families, but we are not quite sure about men. Ultimately we must learn to love all equally and through our fellow group members we learn to do this.

Spiritual Transformation of the Earth

One of the reasons that so many humans are undergoing their spiritual transformation at this time is that the Earth is as well. We are only one of billions of species evolving on the Earth, and anything that affects the Earth affects us. The Earth is a living Being and it is becoming a conscious planet at the same time as humans are becoming conscious creators. This process will be accomplished during the next two thousand years, which is known as the Aquarian Age. The astrological symbol of the Aquarian Age is the enlightened human, the water bearer who pours the water of life on the Earth. This is the sign of the conscious human who is dedicated to world service, the human who has gone through their spiritual transformation. During this next two thousand years, humans and the Earth will become conscious partners in working for the betterment of all life on this planet.

The Earth is moving to a higher vibration and all beings on its surface must do so as well.

Presently, the Earth is holding back its own evolution for us, and it is surrounded by what is called a ring-pass-not. This ring is like a shell which encases the Earth and separates it from all the other conscious planets in our solar system. This shell is now cracking and new energies are entering from more conscious planets in our solar system and from other solar systems, which are more highly evolved than ours. These energies have never existed on our planet before and are greatly accelerating the development of consciousness on this planet.

The ring-pass-not that separates the Earth from other conscious planets is cracking like the shell around an egg when the little chicken is ready to be birthed. These cracks put a strain on all of the Earth’s systems which can mean increased volcanic activity, earthquakes and climate changes. The Earth is moving to a higher vibration and all beings on its surface must do so as well.

As with the Earth, we humans have a shell that surrounds us until we undergo our spiritual transformation. This shell is composed of our physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies that form our personality vessel. When our personality is mature‹as with the chick in its shell‹the vessel will crack. The cracking is what we associate with the dark night of the soul when we feel that we are no one, doing nothing, going no where. This cracking is necessary so that our soul can merge with our personality. Through this process we become what’s called a soul-infused personality. This means that our soul works through our personality to serve in the world. The major thrust in human evolution during the next two thousand years is for people to become soul-infused personalities through their own spiritual transformation.

Tanis Helliwell M.ED, is the founder of the International Institute for Transformation whose mission is to help people live and work with meaning and purpose. She is the author of Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose, Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to Humanity’s Spiritual TransformationSummer with the Leprechauns, Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, Embraced by Love, Hybrids and her new book The High Beings of Hawaii: Encounters with Mystical Ancestors. Her books are available at our Bookstore, or on Amazon.com.

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spiritual awakening, road, nature, blue sky, desert sagebrush, spiritual path, spiritual journey

I’ve mentioned the loss of desire and interests in many different spiritual posts over the years. There are many different reasons for the loss of desire as you evolve spiritually. One big reason is that many of our interests taught to us by society aren’t true to us. The bigger issue at stake is that true inner peace needs nothing external to you.

You are perfect as you are.

It’s this truth that a spiritual awakening drives us towards. Since desire is inherently about getting something to be happy or satisfied with ourselves, it is in direct opposition to the truth and the reality that we can be totally at peace just as we are. This is contrary to much of what people believe, but this is what ignorance does to us. It clouds and distorts reality. The truth is that the greatest peace we find within ourselves comes from desiring nothing. We can be totally at peace with ourselves and with life as is.

This probably seems like fantasy because of social beliefs. I also know that some people confuse peace as the inability to do things or even have basic urges to eat. So let’s delve deeper into this stripping away process to see the truth of being totally free from desires.

Releasing Your Demands on Life

We truly have a lot of demands on life. We want it to behave in certain ways according to the beliefs we were taught, and we expend huge amounts of effort to get the things we’re demanding. It’s almost like we’re holding life for ransom and are demanding it give us what we want or else.

However, it hardly ever feels like that, does it? We never really have that much control over life, and if anything, most people usually feel controlled by life, thwarted by it, and otherwise at its mercy. For those who feel like life gives them what they want and meets their demands, they may not want to think about the last part–that they’re at the mercy of life. But we are. We all are. At any given moment we could fall sick with a terminal disease or get killed or injured by a natural phenomena like a tornado, earthquake, or hurricane. 
We do not control life. 
Yet, we want to believe that we do, and we want to believe that we can get the things we desire from it.

Surrendering Your Desires All the Way

A lot of times people think that they can barter with a spiritual awakening. They’ll say to themselves, “I’ll give up this desire for now. But later, I still want to get it.” Or maybe it’s like, “I’ll give up most of this desire, but I still need my fix from time to time. I have to have at least that much.” These desires can be anything from substances to experiences to relationships. In some ways, we are addicts, and we are addicted to desire.
But this bartering doesn’t work. It ultimately traps you and often doesn’t give you what you want. Consider that most of the things, relationships, and experiences are a means to some kind of happiness, contentment, or sense of safety. But more often you spend most of your time in the state of craving and only get brief satisfaction when you get whatever it is you think will give you the above feelings.

And of course, feelings come from within. Most of your feelings–aside from those caused by substances–are chosen by you and felt by you. So you see the misunderstanding here, do you not? We are trying to get an internal experience from external things, and usually, any level of internal enjoyment is brief compared to the amount of desire and uncomfortable craving that we live in.

Spiritual awakening takes us further than good feelings because these temporary respites from desire are illusions in the desire of craving. Instead, awakening takes us towards peace.

Inner peace is the thing we really want, but most people don’t know this. We’ve been taught to not look for it or not believe that it’ll bring us anything we really want. We are distracted by passing excitements, base sexual urges, and other temporary fixes that only mitigate our pain and unhappiness, most of which we do not fully understand. In this ignorance, many of people are walking wounded, but in a society so deeply self-hating as Western Culture, this shambling, self-destructing community makes one more wounded person seem normal.
And if you don’t think you have any wounds, be sure to read this blog post:
Healing Silent Wounds
So we are deeply committed to our desires, and it’s that attachment that makes it so upsetting for so many when awakening starts ripping them away and reducing them to ashes. No bartering or negotiating will help. You have to surrender them all and surrender them all the way.

Sitting in the Ashes of Apathy

Those of you who find yourself on the spiritual path and stuck in a world of apathy have come a little ways only to cling to the notion of desires and probably a few deeply unconscious desires too. What is the notion of desire?

It’s the belief that you need to want something. Or you feel like you want to want something when you no longer desire the things you used to want. These remnants of desire are attachments to the old ego self, and those attachment can leave you in a charred, gray world of apathy. In this in-between world, nothing seems interesting, yet a part of you wants interests. It wants to find something to hold onto. It may want to find some new interest or exciting experience to have. Perhaps a part of you is also hoping to find some old pleasures again when “this whole awakening thing” is done. But these false hopes and interests mask deeper issues, and those deeper issues should be your next quarry. 
If you find yourself standing hopelessly and hopefully in these ashes, it’s time to go hunting for the parts of you that want something. Even if it is wanting a different feeling than the feeling of apathy, you need to learn to accept whatever you feel without attempting to change it.

Ultimately, true inner peace is beyond a specific feeling; it teaches us to embrace all feelings, thoughts, and experiences. In so doing, that is precisely what enlivens our lives and gives them flow, vitality, and color. Holding on and wanting to want are dead-ends, and your awakening is trying to show you that.

Deepening Into Stillness and Inner Peace
So don’t stop here. Don’t hope for new desires or for old interests to come back. They are all ultimately leading you away from your inner peace.

The Fear of Losing Desires

The fear of losing desires tends to be a bigger issue for people earlier in their inner work. Some people confuse the ability to do things and engage with life as requiring desire. But life does not ask that of us. There are natural urges like the urge to eat or sleep that come up. We feel hungry. We eat. It’s natural, and it’s simple. Again and again, the spiritual path points us back towards simplicity
Healing Desires: The Differences Between Urges and the Need for Fulfillment
We often find as we open more space within ourselves that there are intuitive urges to connect with others and do things that are only revealed as we let go of our other taught desires. These impulses are different because–unlike desire–we do not have to do them to make ourselves feel whole, complete, safe, or good in someway. We do them because they arise, and we trust them not necessarily knowing the outcome of these intuitive impulses where desire has to achieve its goal.

Ultimately, the fear of losing desires is just another fear. It’s another level of the unconscious ego that does not understand how life works, and this fear can show up at any time on someone’s inner journey. Usually, the more fears, desires, and attachments are released, the more someone sees how much more lively and beautiful their lives become. During some of the intense moments of awakening, that may not be readily apparent, but as you continue to heal and open up, the loss of issues tends to only bring joy, happiness, and peace. This is quite the opposite of what fear has said would happen, isn’t it?

Greater and Greater Spiritual Freedom With Each Loss

In this spiritual process, loss is gain. These desires that people cling to limit them. They limit people’s abilities to see other possibilities beyond what desires tell them they should have. They limit how people focus and use their energy. They limit where people can go in life and who they can connect with as well as how they can connect. In the end, ego desires do little more than to maintain the same forms of connecting and the same types of social structures that are already here. If you want to stay trapped in life, follow your desires. And be advised that a lot of times, they never give you anything at all and leave you stuck in constant craving.
Instead of following desire and this game of acquiring things, experiences, and relationships, become a spiritual loser. Lose everything. Lose your beliefs and desires. Lose your pain. See what arises after that.
I don’t mean get rid of your car and house. That’s a kind of ego hyperbole. Sometimes people think that getting rid of stuff is the means to inner freedom, but that’s wrong. The stuff you are losing is inside of you. Whether you have a million dollars or negative $4.67 in your bank account, the true richness is within you.
So lose the desires and the attachments to desiring things. With each loss, you can become more and more free.

Being at Peace Wherever You Are, However You Are

Without false beliefs like desire to agitate and upset us, we can be at peace as we are wherever we are. We can be at peace with war, sickness, stubbed toes, empty bank accounts, winning teams, birthday parties, orgasms, and everything else. In this inner peace, we allow our feelings and experiences to arise and pass. We do not hold on to them, and we do not fear them. It is a powerful space, and it is a space that is accessible to all of us. 
All you need to do is to let go all the way.

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