The spider net that connects all our Souls

By Alessandro Carosi

G’Day Hostel in Sydney is where everything started, where all my certainties about life begun to dissolve and in its place a more spiritual view.

Everything started here but took a while before I would embrace a more spiritual lifestyle, a lot of alcohol and stupid things before that
Sydney was where my Spiritual journey begun

There was Kaori, Bradley, Giovanni but today I will talk about an English girl I forgot the name, I met her for the first time inside the hostel and noticed her beauty straight away she had such a gentle face and innocent smile, I was massively attracted sexually but language barriers prevented me to get into a conversation, after few weeks she left and thought I wouldn’t see her again but there was something that connected me to her, that invisible thread that connect all of us, one night in an infamous bar in Kings Cross drunk like I used to be only in that periods I bumped on her, intoxicated I got the guts to approach a sort of chat and trying to explain how much I found her beautiful, she was as drunk as me and we ended up in the male toilets having sex, or at least that was the plan except that my little mate couldn’t stand up and nothing happened apart me thinking to be in love with her.

I had her number and in the following days I called many times to arrange a date but she kept making excuses till she left Sydney, I had such a crush that I was close to quit my job and fly to north Australia where she was travelling but when I let her know I was going to move up there she made up a story that she would leave soon to go somewhere else, I realised she wasn’t interested and nothing would happen, I was so sad but eventually I moved on.

From there life took an interesting turning point, I finished my money and couldn’t find a job so I ended up in Griffith a town 10 hours away from Sydney that only if you were desperate like me would chose it to go to work and live

A dodgy farm in Griffith where desperate would be exploited working for little money under an unbearable heat

the place is dodgy as shit and in the past home base for the little and big Italian mafia bosses that now invested or as money laundry into farms where illegals foreigners flood to work into farming or who knows what other shit, anyway, I spent a month as a slave working my ass under 40 degrees and escaped back to Sydney where I would meet like a funny joke, a French and a Swiss and left driving a van to Byron Bay just in time to see those 2 idiots stealing two surfboards and chased by the owners they would come to pick me up at the lighthouse I was sightseeing, I told them fuck off and took a bus to Bundaberg where I would meet the first woman I would fall in love, or probably fell in love with her face and body more then her soul but this is an other story.

The infamous van where an improbable group, an Italian, a French and a Swiss would travel from Sydney to Byron Bay
The lighthouse where the two crazy guys come to pick me up after stealing the surfboards
Bundaberg will be forever associated to Pineapples for me, it was the first time in my life working in a farm and the first fruit I would ever pick

After one year we moved to Perth in Western Australia, we found a lovely studio flat in a residential area in North Perth and we had a sort of normal life except for me that I drove her crazy and keep messing up, Kaori, my beautiful Japanese Angel I wish I could meet you in person to thank you for looking after me and like a guardian holding my hands making sure I would stay in the right life path, I would love to meet you even to say sorry for all the horrible things I done to you, maybe one day if is true that our souls are eternal and we are embracing this earthly life to learn life lessons.

We had a supermarket close by and one day guess what? Guess who the cashier was? Was the English girl I had a crush 2 years earlier and now in Perth working at Coles to save money to keep travelling around Australia.

Perth, my lovely Perth, I miss you

Who is playing with our lives? Are we creators? Are we Gods experiencing human life? I don’t know and recently I’m struggling to keep going with this game but something within myself want me to go down the rabbit hole cause I feel I’m going to find something magical.

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