Vipassana Meditation in Edinburgh

By Alessandro Carosi

After months that I was trying to go to the Thai Buddhist temple in Slateford for the Vipassana meditation at finally I got the chance yesterday in one of the rare times that I finished to work early on Sunday, it started at 6 pm till 7 pm in the back room of the main temple, there was nobody except a Scottish man that look after the temple and a Thai man that I think is part of the group, isn’t a Monk but he is in charge to teach the meditation technique, the first part was dedicated to the chanting prayers, I had a book where to read the phrases to chant but I couldn’t keep the phase, even I was on the right page they were saying something else or I couldn’t understand the accent, I was a bit lost but the sound was soothing, it went on for 20 minutes, the second part was dedicated to the proper meditation, maybe was the Holy presence of the Buddhas or the deep quietness but I felt a comforting presence like I haven’t felt in a while, seems long time ago when I was capable to go in a deep meditation state and in few occasions the chance to thin the curtain between me and a place that I’m still not quite sure if it was my imagination or the visit of some Spirit trying to get in touch with me, I feel I’m healing and I believe there is a reason if I got the chance to be there, at the end I felt refreshed, calm, that hour meditating helped me to balance my mind and soul, my knees was in pain but I felt good.

After the session we spent half n hour drinking tea in the flat above the temple, I had a chat with the Scottish man that had an interesting story and I’m sure there is more, when he retired he Felt something within himself and ended up living in Thailand as a Monk, there was something about him I couldn’t explain but I could feel, a good Aura, a good energy that made me feel relaxed just being in the room with him, by ”coincidence” I got the next two Sunday off, I will be back for sure cause I feel there is something for me there, I don’t know what yet but I feel there is.

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