We are all made of the same energy that is LOVE

By Alessandro Carosi

Here I am thinking about life over and over again, many like me have had the same thoughts, questions and few had an answer, I’m not one of them, I’m here in this room in Edinburgh and tomorrow could be in Malta with the same need to understand, why we are here? Who we are? Why we born and die? Is there a reason for all this? I could grasp just a glimpse but isn’t enough, I’m here with those deep thoughts but we are few trying to understand the majority doesn’t, I can’t blame them to be unable to know or think about it, I can’t blame who gave up the idea and just going through life accepting all they know, I can’t do it and is hard at time cause I feel surrounded by people that like in the Matrix are ready to fight for all they know, for their small position at work, for their need to show their strength or their cars and houses, life… this mystery that would require all our attention but we can’t see it till we are too old, and that’s maybe why so many old people goes mad, the moment that our energy, body and beauty leaves us we have no choice to face this mystery and for whom wasn’t ready it is an extremely challenging situation.

Love could help all of us to accept this mystery but we don’t know how cause we never been taught so all alone we fight against a world that sooner then later will forget about us, if only we would embrace love how wonderful this life could be and easier to accept the confusion and life uncertainty, I believe like I told to a friend this morning that we are all made of the same energy and this energy I believe is LOVE.

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