Music for the soul

By Alessandro Carosi

My love for Christian music begun 12 years ago in Bundaberg, Australia, in this small farming town on Sunday there was nothing to do apart from getting drunk with the other backpackers inside the hostel, one day some guys from the local Christian Church come around with an offer of free buffet dinner if we would attend the afternoon Sunday service, how could I refuse such an offer? I couldn’t, I could suffer for a hour in exchange of free food and I had nothing to do in the hostel anyway, I would never expect such a great time from a religious sect, I expected like in the Catholic Mass an extremely boring hour but if someone would tell me that I actually would have fun enjoying the music I would never bet not even one penny, I arrived and on the stage guitars and drums, what kind of church it was? The Mass started with an unusual priest, a good looking guy with Tattoo talking about Jesus and God, the opposite of the old and uncool Priests I got used to in Italy, I can’t deny that what they were talking about was boring as the one in Italy but when they started to play music the sound was so beautiful that I could feel my soul touched, I fallen in Love straight away, who would ever expect something similar, I kept going back Sunday after Sunday but this time not for the food, I truly enjoyed the positive energy coming through the music, still now 12 years later every now and then I will attend a Christian service in whatever country or city I find myself to live in, the fun part is to explain why I’m there not being Christian, they always look perplexed from my explanations, seems hard to believe that someone might be in Love with that music even not believing in Jesus.

The day arrived for me to leave Bundy and move with my girlfriend to Perth, I attended the last mess but at the end a lovely surprise was waiting for me, I was getting ready to leave when the Pastor called my name asking me to go next to him cause he had something for me, that was so weird and I had no clue about what was going on, he wanted me to tell to the crowd what brought me to the Church so many times being the only backpacker to going back over and over again, I couldn’t tell him that initially I wanted just eat good food for free but I could easily tell him that the music was the main reason and that I loved the warm feeling that it would generate, somehow he found out that I would leave the town and like in a movie he had a gift for me that was the best I could receive, it was the best Hillsong music from around the world, a double CD called Hillsong United, the music still my life soundtrack 14 years later.

Right now writing this post I’m listening on youtube this soul made music and the emotions I feel can’t be explained

memories of a past rich of love, of Australia, Kaori, and the begin of a magical Journey.

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