Magical Auckland

By Alessandro Carosi

London is great but i would like a magic door and go back to Auckland anytime i want 

Whenever I look at this photo it feels like the spiritual world is looking at Auckland through a lens
I never liked the Sky Tower during the day time cause it looked like a naked needle but at night illuminated by different colours become magical and beautiful
This is the only photo I like about the Sky Tower during the day time thanks to the sun that from behind the tall building creating an etheric atmosphere
Maybe some spirit its enjoying the swing
The harbour bridge connecting the two parts of Auckland divided by the bay like love connects two souls divided by the mind
The cloud, no, not the Iphone memory storage but it was the latest addition to the city that resembled the shape of a cloud
Rangitoto Island from Devenport, the colourful mushroom an artistic touch that I loved, never knew the real meaning but sometime is nicer let the imagination to give it one

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