Sometime we miss the moon cause we are too busy counting the stars

By Alessandro Carosi

There is something about Facebook that i like, it is the chance to reach many people with our thoughts
Sometime our thoughts can teach something and can make some people think about what they doing in life
I wanna share this thought tonight, a male thought
As a male i grew up thinking and like me many men that having sex with many girls was a sign of greatness, a sign about masculinity, a sign about how macho i am
Yes, i had a lot of sex, other guys where proud of me, other guys where jealous about how many girls i had sex with
I was conscious that i was doing something that wasn’t completely right but i didn’t realize how much wrong it was
Then one day you realize how much wrong it was and it is emotionally painful, so painful that you wish you never did it
You realize that those girls you had fun with and then left suffered so much, you realize the pain they carried with them and you wish you never did it
Sometime we think we can fix what we did, we think we can get back together with the girls we hurt but how a Japanese saying says
”When you break a plate it will never be the same”
You can’t fix it even if looks like you can, even if looks like that God and the Universe its working things out to get you back to the person you broke
All people has feelings cause we are human beings
When we think we had fun with a girl and we our proud of ourselves we need to think that that girl might have been hurt so much that because of us she will not trust an other guy anymore
We need to learn to control our emotions, our instincts
Today i met someone special that i have been so lucky to be with in my life journey
Someone special that i lost and thought i found again
Like an other saying says
Sometime we miss the moon cause we are too busy to count the stars
To this special person i wanna say congratulations for the baby that will born soon
Everyone meet each other for a reason
Thank you to show up in my life

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