Ludovico Einaudi is my best friend

By Alessandro Carosi

Ludovico Einaudi have been my best friend since I was 20, he was there for me when I was growing up in Italy meeting my first girlfriends, he was next to me when I moved to live in Australia, he made sure that I would be happy and calm in that first adventure away from Italy, he was with me in Griffith to protect me from Dodgy Italian-Australians, he was with me in Sydney creating soundtracks walking in Hyde park, he travelled with me in Bundaberg to meet Kaori and then he come to Japan playing his piano while I was walking through the narrow streets of Joetsu and its harsh winter, he helped me to go through one of the hardest period of my life in New Zealand, his music would calm me down and give me hopes, again he followed me to London making sure that the city wouldn’t knock me down and walking with me anywhere especially on my favourite walks by the river Thames, he gave me that peace of mind that London tried to take away from me at the beginning, he was with me that day I took the train to Cambridge to go to meet Danielle and he was with me when crying on the train I went back to London wondering about what life was trying to teach me, He was with me and Chloe in Southbank to his concert where I spent the evening recharging my Soul listening his music and spiritual energy, Ludovico was with me in Thailand when discovering the city coffee scene and Tiziano Terzani kept my emotions under control even when I had to face Bangkok dark secrets, Einaudi was me on the bus from London to Edinburgh where I would spend the next chapter of my life journey searching for Julie and the magic of life, He come to have a walk by the Union Canal to make sure that I would cut the cords of attachments I had with Julie, He was with me the other day walking to Primark where I mat a Spanish guy that was playing a tribute to him, he his with me right now while I’m writing, his music generate a sort of mental movie where I can clearly run through again the most significant events of my life…………..Ludovico Einaudi never met me in person and doesn’t know that I exist but his music created an ethereal bond that binding each other till the end of my life Journey

This song describe life perfectly with its title ”Andare” ”To go”

To go is the only thing we know, where, nobody knows exactly, all we knows is that life and time doesn’t stop and to go is the only option we have.

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