Life an illusion from within?

By Alessandro Carosi

Lately I had this strong feeling that life is just an illusion, that nothing really exist except then inside my mind but then the daily struggles makes it look real, days becoming harder to deal with cause I’m losing the sight of my purpose but I believe there is one, the daily routine makes life seems like a real thing but I’m conscious of the temporariness of our bodies so I can’t take life serious, how can I take seriously my company, my employer, my colleagues when I know I will die, all I want is to share kindness and receive it but it seems like I’m in a jungle where the angrier and aggressive wins, does everything within my soul like some philosopher hypothesizes ? If I change within the without will follow ? Sometime seems really like this but I feel powerless the most of the time, stressed and anxious, it feels like a huge effort to maintain the balance but how can I believe life after what I lived 6 years ago in London, those blue lights of energy coming from my fingers, I can’t replicate the same experience again, I tried everything but I seem unable to reach that peace of mind I had that period following that extraordinary experience of the blue energy from my hands, recently I started to take Reiki healing technique much more seriously and even started to join courses, where they will lead me I don’t know but I feel that is the right path, Love is so important but so hard to accomplish, all I can is to keep going with this work within even if sometime I feel hopeless

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