In Life there is more than what we have been told, there is more than what we can see

By Alessandro Carosi

Few weeks ago chatting with a good friend in London I have been advised to watch a video by Max Strom ”Breathe to Heal” I knew the guy from a book that this same friend gave me years ago and found really interesting, for this reason I was really keen on watching the video, it was interesting and completely agree with what he says, being able to control how we breathe can be a big help to control some emotions like anxiety, stress and anger.

Have been 3 years now that I’m struggling to control my emotions and unable to meditate, unable to go into that deep meditation state that is the only way for me to reach the realm of the souls.

A couple of days ago lying on bed meditating with my eyes close I tried Max Strom technique and slowly my heart slowed down, my body relaxed and my mind stopped wandering around, in the dark silver dots like stars appeared, silver lines begun to create square patterns till like if someone activated a vacuum cleaner all the silver dots and lines were sucked away, slowly I felt myself pulled too but not my body, my life essence, my Soul, I opened my eyes and everything stopped.

What happened isn’t something new to me except the feeling of being sucked, there was a time when I was younger where sometime after to be gone for any sort of physical activity I would go back exhausted and lying on bed I would close my eyes in total relaxation, sometime the feeling would be of peace and calmness it was wonderful and that’s when I would have visions, in the dark a white fog would move like waves or spirals, swirling around or crashing on itself, from the fog in black and white would appear faces of people, landscapes or objects, it was fascinating and cool and never questioned it cause I thought that everyone would be like me, at the time my life was a hell so I never had the chance to deepen those experiences or maybe is how it was supposed to be, only in the last 6 years I started to focus and dedicate time to understand those phenomena, I’m sure there are more people like me out there but this is a sensitive topic that people are worry to talk about without others to think they are crazy, most of us would keep it for themselves like I did for the blue lights coming out from my fingers 6 years ago, recently I felt that the time is mature enough for me to share that extraordinary event and because of that I find out about my flatmate similar experience, many people go back to their normal life and bury those experiences back into their Souls, I can’t do it anymore, I need to share it, How can I live life like nothing happened? I can’t, there is so much more then just working and pay the bills and right now we need more and more people to come along sharing their experiences and illuminate the path ahead for others, I strongly believe that life is a beautiful journey but unless all of us will shift our thoughts toward love this society will never change.

Writing this post I’m listening this heavenly healing music that I feel compelled to share with you

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