Every Living Being deserve to live

By Alessandro Carosi

I’m sorry if recently I shared some video that can be hurtful for our feelings but the reason is that I would like to show that cruelty isn’t a game ,cruelty toward people and animals are real ,I think showing it can touch people heart and maybe make then feel to want to change something within and without 
If we want people understand the cruelty of such a gesture then you need to show the cruelty of such a gesture ,read about it or watch about it is much different ,when you tell people how bad it is to eat meat cause we kill animals ,they suffer ,how many people will listen ?? Maybe 1 out 1000000 ,show them a pig farm ,chicken farm ,cows farm,dog farm or just animal cruelty in general ,show them how they get killed,the screams,the pain ,I tell you for experiemce the percentage will go up to 1000 out 1000000,you want people understand about wars and death,then show them in real what is death ,then many parents will stop buying toy guns,toy weapons to their kids ,it’s easy to talk about cruelty but how many people actually understand what cruelty is ,few,they think is like a videogame ,cruel people are real like in those video I shared recently ,you want to make understand what means kill an animal then this video will give them an idea and maybe will stop even eat meat if they realise and see animal suffering ,I’m sorry if that hurts but animals murdering isn’t a game ,it we love animals dosen’t have to be just for our fellow dogs but have to be extended to everyone

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