A life full of Synchronicities

By Alessandro Carosi

In my life i experienced a lot of incredible synchronicity and in this blog i wrote about some of the most important but i had many more that didn’t have a big impact in my life but still they were interesting and in some way they needed to happen for some sort of bigger picture that i began to understand now.

The one i wanna talk about today is about an English girl i met in my first hostel where i stayed when just arrived in Sydney,i remember this girl show up in the kitchen one day and liked her straight away,i really wanted to know her but my poor English didn’t allowed me to say nothing more then just Hi and How are you, It was frustrating cause i wanted to talk to her but i couldn’t,every time i seen her i would imagine what i would say if i could talk to her.

After few weeks not seeing her in the hostel anymore i find out that she was gone,like we say in Italy ” mi misi il cuore in pace” translated would be ” i put my heart in peace” i accepted the fact i wouldn’t see her anymore.

The Universe or God had different opinion,a month later i met her in a bar,we were drunk and what is normal when we are drunk i had the courage to go and talk to her,what i said i couldn’t remember but i remember that i could speak better then when i’m sober,we end up having sex in the toilette,oh well we didn’t really have sex cause i was too drunk and nothing really happened but it was enough to make my crush for her even stronger,that night i took her back to the other hostel where she was,she left our hostel cause she found a cheaper one,we exchanged phone numbers and few days later i asked her out for a drink,unfortunately she left Sydney and went travelling with friends,i really wanted to see her again but she started to made excuse to don’t let me leave and go to meet her,at finally i understood she didn’t want to see me and probably didn’t like me,i was so naive at the time thinking that one drunk night where we kissed could be the beginning of a love story.

I moved on with my life,many things happened in the meantime and i met my first love,Kaori,a wonderful Japanese girl,wonderful outside and inside her soul,we met in Bundaberg and then moved to Perth where we found a lovely studio flat,near by there was a supermarket where we would normally buy food,one day i notice someone familiar at the counter and when got closer i find out that the girl working at the checkout was the first crush i had in Australia,i went to talk to her and at first she didn’t recognize me but when she understood who i was she couldn’t believe how we met again,and so do I,she was travelling around Australia and needed save some more money so decided to stop in Perth to work for a while,save some money and go travelling again,i told her quickly about my life until then and left to go home.

I wondered a bit about the strange encounter but then i just dismissed the episode as a pure coincidence,from that day few months later the biggest synchronicity would happen that began to change my way to think about what we call ” coincidence”

Synchronicity happening every day and if we would have a chance to slow down our lives we could see it and understand that there is more then what we see.

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