In my reality coincidences doesn’t exist

By Alessandro Carosi

Yesterday morning I was talking with a friend about what we call coincidences, I don’t believe in coincidences and at least in my reality they don’t exist, obviously I can’t go out there shouting to everyone to believe me cause what is real for me doesn’t mean is real for an other but I can share my experiences and tell that everything that happened had a reason to be, I feel is the same for others but I have a small understanding of life to be so arrogant to pretend I have an answer to it.

My friend went to work and I got the bus to North Berwick where I planned to spend the day sightseeing the town and hiking by the beautiful coast, reading about past posts on Facebook I bumped in this sentence written by one of my favourite writers, Tizano Terzani

” If there is a book that ever touched my heart i would say that is this one ” Un altro giro di giostra” – “One more ride of the merry go round” Tiziano Terzani
really did touch it
After reading this book my belief that nothing happening by coincidence getting stronger and stronger, the right book at the right moment
Its so true, there is no happiness without pain, and no pain without happiness
We learn when we suffer but only in this way we learn how to enjoy the beautiful things that life gives to us sometime”

The feeling that ”by coincidence” happened to read it reinforced the idea that everything has a perfect order even in what we perceive as chaos, does someone or something wanted to confirm me that what I tried to explain to my friend was true ? It feels in that way.

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