Wake up to admire the life miracle

By Alessandro Carosi

I’m awake in a world of illusions, I walk up and down the street seeing people going trough their daily struggles, a fight, an argument, worries about work, career, past, future, a perceived offence, attack, a break up in relationships, the big house, the small house, the big car and trendy clothes, a temporary illusion, an illusion that seems so real that people builded up castles made of paper that time will turn back to be dust, we are here in this miracle that is our lives but unaware of it, unaware of why we are here and why we have to go through life, I think about all of this knowing now that I’m in a temporary illusion and trying to understand it aware that I might not till I will die and trasnform again in what I don’t know, in this illusion that is life all that really matter should be love cause is the only powerful tool that could help us to understand.

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