History will repeat itself till we learn the lesson

By Alessandro Carosi

Yesterday I met an Italian guy at work that was obviously in a bad mood, I tried to cheer him up and we ended up to chat about spirituality and life meaning, I believe that like for any others life encounters it didn’t happen by accident and we were supposed to meet, at some point he mentioned about something I was thinking lately, that history repeat itself till we learn the lesson, that’s true, I can see it within our planet and within myself, how many countries I changed, how many jobs, how many friends? At some point I have been presented with the same problems till one per time I faced it, do we have free will then? Does everything already written? I feel that something it is but something else no, I feel that there are lessons to learn that can’t not be avoided but other life experiences can be written by our emotions, our feelings create our reality.

As my morning routine now I scroll through my Facebook memories in search of meaningful sentences or events to share with people or to add them on my blog with the same purpose of sharing, as often happen a synchronicity, something I shared a while ago in this same day and obviously was related to what happened yesterday at the shop

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