The Life Journey

By Danielle, a wonderful Soul I have been lucky enough to meet through my life journey and taught me an important aspect of what is love

“We begin this journey of life unaware that we are on a journey. However, as time passes, experiences mold us, challenges confront us, and we discover the path in front of us is about much more than seeking happiness. The trials and tribulations, the pain and glory, the endless thoughts that we control and control us, all demonstrate that life is so much bigger than us and not always heading in the direction we had planned.

To seek happiness is not enough, we must have courage and strength to address our problems, face our pain, even when it feels like an unfair game. Then we can see clearly that much of life still remains magical and wondrous.

A major key to living a peaceful successful life is the realization that our thoughts don’t control us—we control our thoughts. What steps are you taking to assure healthy peaceful thoughts? Have you reflected on the anger in your life; how loneliness can be a curse and a blessing? Have you explored how you relate in your relationships, what role your ego plays and how much easier love can unfold when we step out of our own way? Have you found the courage to head straight toward your problems, achieve staying calm and say no to drama? Are you aware of the negative self-talk that plays in your head? Have you considered why you spend time thinking about people who have hurt you?

If it is more love you want in your life, then it is more love you must give. If you wish your problems to go away, then it is your problems that you must head toward. By simply implementing small steps in your everyday life, you can live a more fulfilled, less anxious life.

Wishing you the strength and courage you need to face your hardships and see the wonder before you.

Wishing you the sanctuary of your mind.

Wishing you better living with thoughts and inspiration for everyday life”

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