The Alchemist

By Alessandro Carosi

I just finished to read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and felt that was the right book at the right moment, an omen like what the main character follow as signs that will bring him to the pyramids and to discover a precious treasure and the most important of all, love.

Why I feel like it was meant to be for me at this moment ? Cause like him I have to decide if following my heart an the omens I see everyday or to listen my fears, staying in Edinburgh and find a good girl, my heart wants me to go again in new adventures and new places where I feel there is something awaiting for my soul but the mind doesn’t stop chatting and want me to stay even knowing I will regret it like I did and other occasions, one of the few times I followed my heart was to come here in Scotland and after a year this country transformed me in something new, in something better and now I understand why I had to come, if I would listen my mind I would stay in London where I felt safer and knew everyone, I want a relationship, I want love but I know that I want it to fill up a void within myself and now that I know it I can’t be involved in a relationship just for that, I want it for real love not for a selfish need of companionship, I can see the picture very clear now, the life lessons repeating themselves, at work, with friends, with my brother, in relationship.

I must to follow the omens cause like in the Alchemist when the main character reached the pyramids and realised that the treasure he was looking for was actually back home, miles away, screaming to God for answers, God told him ” look how beautiful the pyramids are, if I would told you where about the treasure was you would miss that beauty” I’m sure that a lot of people will understand the meaning, I can see myself like the boy in the book, trying to reach my life goals I went through any sort of adventures, consciously and unconsciously but looking back to all those life experiences I realised that have been much more interesting in this way then if I would accomplish all my dreams, like many philosophers said, life isn’t always about reaching the top but enjoying the trip to the summit

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