By Alessandro Carosi

I left Italy 13 years ago, a country, a land that was falling apart, we have been brainwashed to a level of non return, I have been lucky To get the chance to leave and the chance to visit not just one country but many different realities, different cultures, a book woke me up to this enslaved system, 1984 by George Orwell, all of a sudden I could clearly see what was going on, I have been lucky to travel and reshape my own beliefs.

I don’t belong to Italy, I don’t belong to anywhere, I belong to this planet, I belong to the universe, I belong to one source …..LOVE
What I learned in all those years is that we have a chance to change when we make mistakes, falling apart is a chance to rebuild ourselves and the society better, that works for the individual as the collective.
Italy is falling apart, Italy is heading to its own destruction and that could be a chance to wake people up, I feel sad cause I have friends there, friends I grew up with but a country, a planet can’t keep going in this way, too much suffering, too much sadness, if the only way to stand up is too sink then I hope that Italy and the most of the countries would sink, deep enough to wake up to this madness, to wake up and rebuild a better life.

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