In search of the Alchemist

By Alessandro Carosi

Synchronicity have been coined by Carl Jung that believed that nothing happened by coincidence and we are all connected, I know it for personal experience and since when I started noticing it have happened more and more often, the latest with ”The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho.

A guy was giving away free stuff on the street due a relocation and wanted get rid off of paintings and books, I thought about taking few paintings for my flat when I noticed this wonderful book that I wanted to read for a while, philosophers says that when the student is ready the master appear and that’s what I felt after reading it, the right book at the right moment.

Follow your dreams and the omens that the universe send to you what is meant to be will always find its way, the main character decide to chase his inner urges that is to discover the world, all he needs is provided when the timing is right and attached the relative life lessons, the most beautiful sentence is, when we decide something all the universe will conspire to make it happen, I believe that.

In few weeks I finished the book cause I couldn’t stop reading it, something within told me to give it to a special friend down to London but then I let my mind prevail and decided that maybe was better to don’t get back in touch and instead place it in my cafe’ where I set a little free library, the day after after few months I didn’t hear from this friend she contacted me like she could feel what I was thinking, instinctively I told about ”The Alchemist” and from there the normal step to take the book back and eventually give it to her, why I talked about synchronicity at the beginning of this post? The day after she messaged me cause surprisingly an email from her book club mentioned the fact that the next meet up would be about the aforementioned book, there is no coincidences but everything has a reason, a connected reason that sometime is obviously clear and sometime is not or will be revealed days, months, years later, she was shocked but I wasn’t cause synchronicities happening everyday in my life and I’m learning to follow the omens, to be sure that we would understand that there is an important deal with this story yesterday checking Facebook first in the morning a post from Meadowshare caught my attention, a girl that resembled one of the characters in the story posted that was looking for to buy ……..”The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and wanted to know where to find it, more clear then that?

We can give to the whole story a multitude of explanations but it would be different for each person involved and could be right for each person involved, for me is to follow my inner urges like I did coming to Edinburgh and then the universe will conspire on making my dreams happening meanwhile I learn my life lessons.

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