A game called life

By Alessandro Carosi

Meeting the same person randomly 2 time in 2 different countries,and then meeting the same person telling you that have been working for an uncle you didnt know to have and thats why you going to the country where this uncle you dont know lives and then there meeting a girl that change your life.
Meeting a guy in a hostel in Sydney that turns out that likes you,the guy disappearing after trying to kill a france guy,meeting the crazy guy again after more then 1 year in a hostel in Perth that is 3 hours fly from Sydney,after a week meeting the same crazy guy at your same work place cause he is the new cook.
So what is life?there is such a thing like coincidence or everything happening for a reason?i dont know but i started to believe long time ago that coincidence dosent exist,who created this game called life made a perfect weird game!!!

Looking for pics to go with the post I found this other wonderful post that describe perfectly what I feel today

By Guruji Sri Satishji


We are part of His ‘leela’ (illusive play), for this we need to see everything ‘AS IS’ to see the player and the play. There is no good and bad or any winner, all are participants in the game called ‘life’. Participate to play but not with the winning attitude, if you are aware of your own ‘life’, you are already a winner…. Participating itself is winning. If you are resisting, you are not playing the game 100%. Unfortunately we spend time in correcting others performance, but if everyone fearlessly pays attention on his own performance, the playground can become the best ‘Tirtha Dhaam’ (Spiritual destination), and you a ‘Tirthankar’ (Realised One), because this playground (wherever you are right now) is always the reflection of your inner attitude. ~ Sri Satishji

Stay Aware. Stay Blessed.

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