The Spiritual art of ballet

By Alessandro Carosi

Such a great night last night
Enjoyed a Korean Ballet performance by modern table
Im always impressed from how those people can move in the way they do
So much training

By Школа Русского Балета / École de Ballet Russe

The spiritual power of dancing.
It seems that dance has been around since the dawn of time. Whether for pleasure and fun, exercise, ceremonial purposes or religious worship, dancing is an important part of our lives. As spiritual beings in earthly bodies what better way to celebrate and express your own divinity than through dance?
According to Hindu beliefs, the universe was created through the dance Nataraja, the Supreme Dancer. Dancing has been used in religious observances among Jews , played a pivotal role in Shamanic and Native American traditions and can help you energy and increase your vibrational level. Must of all, dancing is just plain fun! Make some time to feel this experience, your heart will sing and your spirit will soar!

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