We are made of energy

By Alessandro Carosi

When someone that is part of our energy field depart we can fell a sharp pain, an emotional pain due to the missing energy, with the time passing by I realised that when something that was meant to come around to add more energy to our field the moment that leaves is a trauma cause we can feel it, we can feel the missing energy, all of a sudden we don’t have that support that was adding extra joy to our joyful period, I think that when we are out of balance is that extra energy that keep us going and that’s why we feel an extreme sadness within our soul, not only because is gone but cause being out of balance we don’t have that external source of happiness, that’s what I feel right now, I was out of balance and relied on that to keep me going and now without support I struggle to find a peace of mind, no stress or anxiety but a deep sense of sadness and emptiness.

I was chatting with a friend last night that told me about this couple that been together for over 40 years and still love each other, I wish it was my case but I don’t even know if I ever loved, I believe we are on earth with different tasks and missions and everything needs to be the way it is for our spiritual growing, to grow someone needs a lifetime partner, for someone many break ups, for someone loneliness but all to reach the same goal, a spiritual awareness.

By Deepak Chopra

“Ultimately spiritual awareness unfolds when you’re flexible when you’re spontaneous when you’re detached when you’re easy on yourself and easy on others. “

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