Animals aren’t food, animals are living beings with the same rights to be alive as us

By Alessandro Carosi

It was great to catch up with old friends last night, the guys of Pickywops are stronger then ever and glad that vegetarianism and veganism spreading up at a massive rate, I live in Edinburgh now and seeing on my cafe’ street in just 3 months opening next to each other 2 vegan restaurants makes me really happy, Animals aren’t objects they are living beings that deserve to stay alive like us, we aren’t different we are animal too and we aren’t at the top of the evolution but just part of the natural life cicle, all togheter we keep this planet alive like organs, liver, lungs, heart and so on are different but together keep us alive, we are the same for the planet Earth, the heart doesn’t feel more important then the liver, both makes the body works, someone might say that if the heart stops we die so is more important but even if the liver stops working eventually we die.

Animals feel pain, animals suffer, animals got emotions, it’s time to put an end to this useless cruelty, most of the people will use the famous excuse that we are meat eaters and we are meant to eat meat, bullshit, as a part of human evolution we did eat meat cause it was all we knew same as when we used horses but now we use cars, we had Walkmans and now smartphones, we evolved and changed, stop eating meat isn’t different, we are learning and is beautiful to see more and more people ditching meat and embracing veganism and vegetarianism.

Thanks to internet that is an other tool due to the evolution we can see everyday how animals respond to cruelty, crying, screaming out of pain, we can’t be indifferent to this and that’s why more and more people gave up meat.

Something is changing and is changing in better, a world without animals suffering and eventually, I’m sure about that, a world in peace and love toward each other

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