To change our kids we need to teach them about Peace and Love

By Alessandro Carosi

I’m back to Italy to stay close to my Mother that had a heart attack and obviously I got no choice then visiting few relatives, this time was to meet my Mum’s cousin that had some Veggies for us that she grows in her garden (I wish that more people would follow her example) I didn’t meet her for really long time and she wanted to chat knowing a bit about my life, fair enough, her daughters that I know wanted to meet me too, I stayed a bit longer so that one of them that lives in an other house could come along and introduce me her adorable daughter, Giada, 3 years old that couldn’t wait to speak a bit of English with me, soo cute, at first was shy so to make her feel comfortable I asked in English, How are you? Her answer……I’m 3 🙂 ahah

How our society will transform her in 20 years time? I’m scared to even think about it, in the flat the sister’s Kids hiding in their rooms were afraid to meet me so we decided we would go personally to find them, they are 3, two twins of I think 12 years old and the older of around 17, she was on bed and next to her a book, as usual I got curious to know what people likes to read and shockingly the author was….Oriana Fallaci, for who doesn’t know who she is, she was a famous journalist that after the terrorist attacks to the twin towers (probably we will never know if was the same government to orchestrate it, someone else to destabilise the world situation or Muslim extremists) anyway, this woman come out with the most aggressive attitude against the Muslim world with words of hatred, revenge and fomenting even more the world population against the Islam, in a moment that was the right chance to actually doing the opposite finding dialogues, talking about Peace, about Love, this woman was the opposite of what we needed at that time, a time that brought to our society decivilization, since then have been years and years of wars, fighting, discrimination, the World War 1 and World War 2 didn’t teach us anything, we forgot, our society, our education system made us forget, what is worst is that teachers that was supposed to shape our new generations tell our kids to read and study Oriana Fallaci, What this country, Italy learned from the past wars…….? NOTHING!!!! Our political system made sure that we would forget and generation after generation are creating a new uncivilized population, a population that let to be elected Silvio Berlusconi, a far right, multi billionaire businessman that God Knows how made his money, a population that let people like Bossi and then Salvini get into power, people part of an extreme far right party that only 30 years ago wanted to divide Italy in 2 countries and now the same people, the south Italians that this party hated are the ones that gave them votes, this is Italy!!!! I’m sad, soo sad seeing all of this, I’m sad seeing again a new generation brainwashed where at school they should study about Martin Luther King, Frida, Ghandi, Tiziano Terzani, Mother Teresa, people that preached Peace, Love and non violence, those should be the people to give to those kids as an example so that events like the 2 wars, The Twin Towers, Ruwanda and more that we don’t know would never ever happened, how long before something will change? How long before kids will stop to play at war in the parks or on video games? How long before realising that life is soo short and the only way is Peace and Love? I don’t have an answer but for sure isn’t studying about Oriana Fallaci and watching Reality Shows.

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