Listen that voice coming from within

By Alessandro Carosi

I had an interesting conversation with an old friend that now live in Spain, it was about if our Souls does speak to us so that we can take the right life path and if it does how can we listen it.

What I could tell him is that for my experience there is a voice within and everytime I listened it I found myself growing mentally, emotionally and Spiritually, I think that everyone has different life journey and what needs to be learned is different from person to person so what my internal voice tells me will be different then the one that talks to my brother, my voice within always whispered to take opportunities regarding travelling and meeting certain people, not always I listened that voice sometime I let the chaos within my mind prevail but when I did listen and I met the right people and had beautiful experiences, If you feel there is something trying to talk to you coming from somewhere that you think is your Soul then listen what it says, you won’t be disappointed probably.

Facebook is a source of visual and written memories and sometime when I bump in something from the past I can collect the dots, like the chat I had with my friend and the experience in Japan

20/11/2009 in Facebook

Im in japan, I think japanese, I eat japanese, I will be japanese.

It’s funny, 10 years ago I wished to become a basketball player, 5 years ago I was selling books, then working in a factory making fire alarms, life is fuckin shit unless sometime disgusting and funny, probably in the future I will be Porkman

Takada Castle
Firewish festival in Jōestu

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