It’s Time to support those countries that are fighting for a change and better lives

By Mauro Patrizi

I’ve never liked nor used Facebook too much and never been keen on speaking publicly about these sort of topics, but i really need to talk about this.
When i ask people around me, way too many tell me they don’t know about it, or ‘I heard it, but don’t know exactly what’s going on’ and similar answers.
Everyone has to know what is going on today around the world. Most of us have it good; when our worries are our boring jobs, people raging on our commute or our politicians being liars, dumb or whatever you want to call them, it means we are lucky, because we can still speak about it without being afraid for our lives.

There are places today on this planet where people can’t even talk about these things, not even privately with a friend or family member because that would put their lives at risk. They’re people like us, they are real, it’s so fucking sad just to think something like this is allowed to happen.
Today places like Lebanon, Chile, Hong Kong, are being brutally abused by their own goverments and police, only for pacifically (in most cases) protesting in the streets.
People are being shot ON PURPOSE, IN THEIR EYES. Students are being held hostages in their schools, by the police who is supposed to protect them. Protesters are being arrested just for pacifically expressing their opinions in public. They’re being abducted, some disappear, some ‘misteriously’ suicide under police custody. Children, women, elders, anyone.
In Hong Kong there has been many cases of people dying after being arrested by the police. The police claims they are suicides. Some people started yelling their names to the crowds when being arrested, as a statement that they are not going to suicide. So if they end up dead and the police will claim it was a suicide, everyone will know what happened.
How did we get this far? This can’t be human. But this is not a goddamn movie either. And it’s just a few of the terrible things that are happening, right now, on our planet. No matter how far from us it is, how can we live our lives without thinking about what’s going on in these places and what these brave people are going through just to protect their freedom?
We are lucky, we have it good here, the least we can do is to show them our support, somehow, even just getting to know what’s going on, spread the information, remember their brave efforts to protect their freedom and not let them die in vain. If you didn’t, search and read about what’s going on in Hong Kong and the other countries where people are fighting for their basic rights. Today is them, tomorrow it might be us.


    • Freedom is a complicate word, what is freedom in the first place ? Which kind of freedom we talk about ? As human beings from the first day of our lives we aren’t free, we are enslaved by our instincts and mortality, freedom is quite relative but a part the fact we can’t be free from our primary instincts we can have free of speech, we can be free to express our sexual orientations, we can be free to express our religious beliefs, we can be free to have time to spend time with our family and partners, the moment that society deny or judge any of those principles we aren’t free any longer in our current society


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