San Benedetto del Tronto is frozen

By Alessandro Carosi

San Benedetto del Tronto seems have stopped at 40 years ago, frozen in a bubble nothing changed except the locals growing old, same talks, same dramas, same same, I’m not saying that people have to travel or to do this or to do that to change, everyone going through their own life journey but I thought that things would move on and people I used to know facing life with a different attitude, I changed a lot but friends I spent so much time when I was younger seems like have stopped in a sort of limbo, at least that’s how seems to me.

Apparently when I was a kid I used to ask to this sculpture when the funfair would start.

I wasn’t happy in my hometown, it was too small for my point of view, I wanted to see more about the world and leaving was the best thing to do but what if there is no others and no San Benedetto del Tronto, what if this planet was just for me to play with and learn, learn about life and Love, San Benedetto del Tronto gave me what I needed to become wiser and then move on to new adventures and meetings, isn’t travelling that made me a better person but the life circumstances I lived around the planet but It could have happened living in my small town too, I love ”il Paese Alto” the old town, I always enjoyed looking at the sea from the seats by the tower but the new town is horrible, Italians are proud of what the Romans built in the past but currently buildings are looking shit with no sense and the feeling that to made it was someone picked in the locals kindergartens eSaven if I believe that a 3 years old baby would have more taste, Sambenedettesi are good people, simple, friendly but in love with dramas but this is part of the Italian culture.

We might have had Leonardo Da Vinci but his kids didn’t study much about architecture, this is horrible

I was back for a couple of weeks to visit my mother that had a heart attack so I haven’t done much except few walks at night when Mum was sleeping, walking up and down the seafront at night or in the morning early is beautiful and peaceful, even if I don’t want to move back ever I can’t deny that coming back gives me some nice feelings, where everything started and who knows where it will finish.

The sea is beautiful in the morning

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