A Soul contract

By Alessandro Carosi

I went back home few weeks ago but before what happened to my Mum an old friend out of blue got back in touch with me, it was someone that played a massive role in what then become the greatest new direction I could take and started this new beautiful journey not without pain, like a beautiful rose that has thorns as well.

San Benedetto del Tronto is where I borned, I don’t like to say ”my hometown” cause of mine in this life there is nothing, I don’t own my own life either, I was back to look after my Mum that recently had a heart attack so I took two weeks off from work here in Edinburgh to be close to her, it was a stressful period and under attack from everyone, my Mum, My Auntie, My brother, forced to solve Issues they created and I had no idea how to solve it, there is something that tied me up to this family I don’t have any attachment and seems like I can’t untied it, my childhood was a hell due to my family mistakes and when I left 13 years ago was even to run away from them but seems impossible, they chased me down, my brother come to New Zealand and took our mother to stay with us, someone could say that yes, I can run away completely but emotionally I can’t cause they are people I know and grew up with and if I need to help someone like I always preach then I can start with them, there is a sort of Soul contract with them that might come from previous lives as well, all of this its leading me to Malta where like in a movie script written by some mad man my Mum now ended up staying with my sibling, seems like the family is back all together, strange life, left them in Italy, they followed me in New Zealand and now we are back together in Malta, I’m going to stay close to my brother and trying to help him but the reality could be that I’m going to healing myself, in Italy we having a saying ” Family and relatives are like tight shoes, tighter the shoes bigger the pain ” not so far from the reality.

Let’s go back to what I actually wanted to talk about, all the previous words just flooded away from my Soul in a sort of unchecked instinct, after a week at home an evening I got my brother’s car and went to this old friend’s Pizzeria where he run this business for 10 years since he come back from Australia

things change, people change but he looks the same like he never grew old, he now has 2 kids, a new house, 5 staff, a successful business, he seems happy to me but he is the only one that could give a real answer, the pizza was just amazing so not surprise he been running that shop for that long, it was a quiet afternoon and we talked about the past, about life synchronicities, about when we met in Madrid, in Amsterdam, when in Australia went to work for this uncle I never knew to have and how cause of that I met Kaori that was my biggest bless and my biggest life lesson, I wish I could meet someone like her again, a woman with the purest Soul, an Angel on heart, I told him about my relationship with life synchronicities and told him some of the most important I experienced in the past, some tears was coming down his face while we were talking about those events that took us through this life Journey, the reason we had to meet again is unclear to me, maybe the Universe wanted to shown me a sign of new beginnings like when 13 years ago he was a tool and a sign of my new life beginning, maybe it is the same now and that’s the way God is having fun showing it to me or like many philosophers believes, I’m God acting temporary a human being part and that’s a sign I did put myself, let’s see what is going to happen, things are getting interesting.

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