Life would be much more simple if we could control our emotions and love more

By Alessandro Carosi

The meaning of life, what a funny thought isn’t ? Like no one else thought about it before, millions of people in the past, in the present and in the future will ask questions about life, the meaning, the reason, no one knows and the few that maybe knows it won’t be believed, it’s funny how the moment you realise the absurdity or perceived absurdity that life is you won’t be able to take seriously anything but you still need to deal with people that walk around unaware of what’s going on, you might tell me…..Alex you don’t have an idea too, that’s soooo true but I’m aware to be unaware.

We want to love but this body made of flesh has emotions sometime so hard to control that’s when we make mistakes, I prefer to say, when we learn, life can’t be understood or at least I can’t but I know that would be easier if we would love each other, how can I make the rest of the world population understand ? How ??

I’m not perfect and I hate myself when I’m rude to others, when I make sad the people I care but sometime is hard, hard to see the world blind to the most easy thing to understand, Love, kindness, peace is the answer, simple points that if followed would make the existence an easy journey.

I’m lucky to have so many People to care about me and that’s what makes me understand the importance of Love, I wish I could be as the people that unconditionally cares about me but I found complicated to control my feelings, I wish I could make them happy as they do with me.

Their Love is what makes me understand about what really matter in life and I’m sure they know who I’m taking about ……

THANK YOU GUYS !!!!!!! You showing me how life would be easier to live if there was more like you xxxxx

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