The change within our Souls started

By Alessandro Carosi

It is human nature to want more, to think that the grass is always greener on the other side.

It’s up to us to teach our children to be happy with what they have, keep them away from computers except as a vast repetoire of knowledge and information, don’t put a TV in their bedroom so they can become brainwashed and obese, I guess the problem is when the second generation is raised like this, they have no idea how to escape, they know something is wrong but they just cant put a finger on it, the hidden knowledge is, and we are coming back to this, that we are spiritual creatures connected to the land, parks are now built within these great cities so when your standing in the middle, berms block out the sounds of traffic and well placed trees cover the urban sprawl, when we are taken out of the urban jungle and put into even a pseudo wild such as this, our blood pressure magically decreases and our brain waves match the ambient natural background waves of the earth.
Human nature can be changed, we born with insticts but instincts can be keept under control, mind can be changed.

It’s all about to start at some point and i believe we started, it will take a while but we will change.

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