Do we need to fear death ?

By Alessandro Carosi

Death sounds so scary for many but is it something to really fear ? I’m not sure, we born without any explanations and we know that at a certain point in life we gonna die but still we are so worry, society shaped the idea of death and religions have been using death as a tool to control people in the past, now we got the media.

Most of the people is soo scared to die even if their lives is a permanent struggle but maybe they shouldn’t be worry, what if at the end will be just an other traformation in some other form, so many people that have had a Near Death Experience said that they were still carry their consciousness after dying and their body was made of different material, best way to describe it was energy, other people says that they can get in touch with Souls from the afterlife and personally I had few psychic events that even if not completely clear gave me a sort of confirmation about the truth of it, they all happened in London like if that was the place it was supposed to happen, few times in deep meditations I felt presences and voices next to me, once asking for signs from the rubbish bin papers started to make a noise like if someone was stirring it trying to get my attention, an other time walking by the river Thames asking if my guardian angel was my father I had the day after my auntie contacting me on WhatsApp with a photo of my father on his grave at the cemetery, she never done it before and never done it again and trust me there was no reason for her to do it except that my father guided her.

What is death still unclear but I wish to see it one day, life gets hard at times and currently feeling under the storm but I believe we are here for learning about love and even if sometime I would like to commit suicide I feel that isn’t the solution cause there is something I need to accomplish in this lifetime.

I done a lot of research especially among people that have had a Near Death Experience and most of them says what I instinctively feel, we are here to learn about Love

There is a book I always advice to read to understand more about this topic

“Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss

And this website has hundreds of Near Death Experirnce Stories

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