A return to Love, a journey trying to discover the meaning of life and the secret of being kind and gentle

By Alessandro Carosi

Life is a mystery and I’m here constantly thinking about it, I’m not going to have an answer anytime soon but I can’t stop wondering how we, the ”Human race” could have spent centuries fighting, killing each other, going through life passively till death chasing power, money, feeding our greediness, how can we spent our short existence trying to reach those illusions and unable to grasp even the thinnest understanding of what we are and why we are here.

I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to hate, I want to understand what is life together with my fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters, life would be so beautiful if we would love each other trying to find a meaning to this adventure.

Looking myself in the mirror I can see my body dying, to the people I might look strong and full of energy but my casing its deteriorating like everybody else, what we call birthday is just a step forward to the day that we gonna expire, we celebrate the day we had borned but unaware of it we celebrate the approach of death, the moment we become conscious of it we freak out but we should be worry more about stop living, most of us died long before the human flesh would decay naturally.

The journey have been long and full of strange encounters, events, hard to explain it to whom haven’t experienced it yet, sometime I feel really like this planet is just for me, for my spiritual growth, does the rest of humanity really exist ? Like in a beautiful short story I read a while ago where the main character after dying in a car accident find out that in this world there was no one except himself, all the people he perceived has a detached entity was just him, sometime I believe that.

I’m not here to tell you that life is a beautiful dream cause I don’t know it either but I’m here to tell you to investigate about this mystery cause the moment you start slowly you will realise that all you want from this journey is to love and to be loved, all the rest is bullshit, from religions, to nationalities, till the ego Itself.

So much happened in those 40 years that is difficult to share it at times but cause of those extraordinary events I now know that there is more then what our eyes can catch and mind understand, the endless Synchronicities, the souls trying to reach me during deep meditations, the night that my hands would emanate blue lights, all of this can’t be denied and I won’t hide it, how can I look at life as before, I can’t, cause life isn’t as I used to believe it, in my reality or in the reality of everyone else life is much more then what we have been taught, I wish I could wake up the humanity to love and focus on trying to find the meaning of life and our life purpose if there is one but seems impossible at the moment, all I can do is to share my Extraordinary and Ordinary life and doing my part spreading love in the way I can.

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