Actors playing a role in what we call ”reality”

By Alessandro Carosi

Watching this video probably cause the music I felt sadness, a lot of those young adults that then in life took a path of






Young adults with a dream of joy and fun but that then life circumstances took to a different life path, this planet and its perceived madness, chaos

It’s true that without chaos there is no transformation but it’s hard to digest

Watching this video I just felt strongly the mystery of life, this planet that keep going even without us and with new people that will become something and die and so on, repeating itself

Watching this video I thought even deeply to this mystery that is life and that I am in this precise moment A mystery with little answers except that we have to keep going and moving on

Watching this video gave me a feeling of desperation

Where we are heading ? Sometime the feeling of a purpose is weak and the feeling to go no where except straight to the grave is strong, like this morning

That’s why we are so busy in our lives, to stop from thinking about our little, absolutely tiny little existence compare to the big scheme of life, is scary, makes you feel to lock yourself in a room and never come out like some Japanese does, they call them “otaku” they can’t handle life any longer and spent all their life inside their rooms

Those people
Osama bin laden
Robin Williams
All those people died and they are gone and all they did is just a small memory almost like they never been here

We try so hard to be famous and important but even those people after they died they become nothing, just memory

I’m here in my room getting ready to go to work but I can’t stop thinking about life, the universe, the galaxies
Me, like everybody else, a tiny little dot in the big scheme of life waking up to go to work and act a role, will meet people that will act an other role and then back to sleep for the next performance tomorrow and the day after and on and on and on

We gonna die and new actors will take our places, the reality is that for the next generations we never existed

That’s ok and I’m not worry about it but feeling in distress cause being conscious of all of this makes me even more want to go out there in Edinburgh and hug everyone, tell them I love them, smile and be friend but I know that out there there is so much Unawareness of what is going on in life
I wish they could all understand how little they are so that they wouldn’t spend so much time chasing the ego but I’m sure they would try hard to live in harmony with the nature and our fellow humans

I can’t stop to think that All those people in the video were kids like my niece Grace, they dreamed just to be happy and play with other kids and then slowly they become in some cases …..mosters, how we made them like this ? How we could transform some innocent kid in hitler, putin or osama bin laden? How ? It’s sad, I feel sad because I think at my niece now that is an innocent human being like you were and I was and then …….what life will transform her, in what ? I don’t want to think about it
I need to get ready, I got my acting performance again today where I play the part of a barista

This video was more powerful then I might have thought

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