Perth !!!! Where did you hide the sun ?

By Alessandro Carosi

I was in Perth yesterday, not the one in western Australia where I lived years ago but in the original one, where all the Perth in the world got their names, the reason for the day trip was random no real reasons except that looking at old pictures in Facebook triggered the idea to visit the town….ops, city, seems like they are quite emotional about the topic.

The river Tay with the gloomiest day ever since I’m in Scotland, a reflection of what I feel lately ?

Weather was nothing like the sister in OZ and instead of the Kangaroos a lot of sheep, obviously as soon I decided for this trip I started to see everywhere advertising about Perth, love synchronicities and the feeling to be on the right life path, booked the train ticket at 5 am, regretted later, I arrived at 7 am and was dark, cold, raining but got me the time to sightseeing as much I could of this pretty medieval village, I have to be honest it didn’t impress me much and I won’t go back but it’s worthed if you never been before, the countryside is beautiful but it get dull quickly, the best part are the castles in the middle of nowhere surrounded by green lands, I won’t forget the fact that those buildings were built exploiting the local population, they might look great now but it is important to remember how many people had to suffer for few to live inside those representation of greediness and power.

Probably the prettiest part of the town

Wandering around memories from the past started hunting me and funnily enough wasn’t from Perth in Australia but from a Korean girl met in New Zealand, it was hunting my thoughts and I felt she was trying to reach me, I felt it even more real when in front a Ballet studio the name of the business owner was the same as her, obviously the girl I was thinking about is a Ballet teacher too, able to build a wall within my mind I restarted my walk lighter, the other interesting encounter was when out of blue I begun to think to a project started years ago for a cafe’-pizzeria with my brother and a Thai friend that we decided to call ”3 brothers” walking through this street I felt compelled to look on my right and in front of me ”3 brothers pizzeria-restaurant, a sign from the universe that is going to happen ? Hope so, would be great to start a business in Thailand, the only Asian country that match my personality.

3 Brothers restaurant, one day might be the face of my brother, my Thai brother and me on that sign

The day passed by nicely even if bloody freezing, at the end of the day I found that the most beautiful part of the trip was the beautiful hill to the other side of the river and the magical and mystical monastery, I could feel the spirituality of the place that was peaceful and soothing.

I believe that human beings can’t live without religion, it give us a purpose, a reason to be here on Earth, not as a random act but with a specific reason
The only place where everyone is the same and the accommodation free

Perth is worth a visit but maybe not two

The only colours I seen that day
They are probably smarter then us

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