Which is your religion…….? I’m a Londoner

By Alessandro Carosi

1 February 2016 London, England

Yesterday walking around discovering the hidden parts of London I ended up in this peaceful suburb called Willensden green.
I found a Muslim Mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Christian Church.
So we all know what’s going on around the world at the moment (personally I do not believe about what news says cause I do believe that whatever they tell us it’s just a way to keep all of us busy discussing or arguing over something that I’m quite sure it’s just a way to distracting us from what it’s actually real, a war organized by few for power and money) anyway going back to the main subject what I wanted to say is, that a city like London it’s the prove that every culture and religion can live togheter in peace, I get everyday at my shop, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhist, Atheists sometime talking and joking togheter waiting for a coffe.
I wish one day we all gonna understand what really matter in life (money and power isn’t part of that) that day I believe it’s gonna be the beginning of a peaceful and beautiful era.
Namaste 😉

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