Angels are always looking after, guiding and protecting us

By Alessandro Carosi

Do you believe in Guardian Angels ? ……….I do believe it

I had some extraordinary experiences to confirm it but I can’t promise that everyone would be able to experience what I did when I’m in deep meditation, I can only share my experiences and let whoever resonate with my stories to take what is good for them.

The story I’m going to talk about happened to my cousin, I find it out only few weeks ago chatting with my mother after I told her of this little boy that without warning crossed the road giving a heart attack to his father that was waiting for the green sign from the traffic light, fortunately nothing happened but it was scary, that’s when my Mum told me the story of my cousin that at four years old was run over by a car in my hometown, the impact thrown him few meters away, he come out of it without a scratch, he was taken to the hospital for ascertainment just to make sure that everything was ok and when they asked him how the accident happened he started to tell that his mother that have died few years earlier for cancer showed up hugging him, reassuring that he would be ok and was protected.

We will never know if my cousin told the true but cause my personal experiences I do believe that my Auntie really come back to protect his son, I never met her she died before I come to life but my name was chosen in her honour, my father loved her sister.

They are around us everyday and we can get in touch with them if we adjust our frequency to match theirs but we have been taught to ignore those things, to dump them down and care about make a living, a living that our sick society keep telling us, it’s time to change this society cause is wrong and chasing the wrong purpose, we are here on earth to learn how to love and to share it, only in this way this journey will be a meaningful one.

I want to share with all of you one of my favourite movies ”Wings of desire” of Wim Wenders, a story of Angels and Love

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