How does it feel to be forty-one

By Alessandro Carosi

What does it feel like to be forty-one years old Brother ??

How does it feel to be forty-one years old? I feel like when I was twenty, and then thirty, I try to understand life, I try to understand what we do in the world and why, in the meantime keeping myself busy playing a role as an actor.

At the age of forty-one I feel more interested in discovering the afterlife if there is one that continues the earthly path.

I have seen countries, cultures, races, at the end of the day all with the same needs, eating, sleeping, fucking and loving.

At forty-one years old I’m less and less afraid of death, but life……that I don’t understand, and maybe I’ll never understand, sends me pieces of puzzles that I find difficult to decipher but that give me hope.

At forty-one years old one feels like nothing makes sense anymore except love, because in the end the time that does not stop does not care what role we played but it will bring us all the same gift … death.

So you want me to tell you how I really feel at forty-one? I feel like someone who has realized the time that inexorably passes, day after day, year after year, so the only thing I want to conquer? …is love, for myself, for my relatives, brothers, sisters, friends, at the age of forty-one I think I have understood that the most beautiful goal is love, for everyone, unconditionally.

Love, love as much as you can because time passes and on the point of death what will count I believe will be only one thing, the love that we have given and received.

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