Where are you from ? …. Planet Earth

By Alessandro Carosi

Someone asked me……..again if I’m proud to be Italian after heard me complain about Italy,it make me laugh,I’m Italian????
I live on a piece of land I don’t know who belongs it,I don’t know why I was born and why I will die,I live inside a planet we call planet earth that is in a galaxy,one of many many mores,so……now……it make me laugh thinking if I’m proud to be Italian,what does it mean…..Italian??? I’m proud to be kind,I’m proud when I see a customer sad in the morning smile after I made them feel better,I’m proud when I can control my emotions even if grumpy and able to make others happy,I’m proud when I’m a kind human being
Proud to be Italian??? Is like being proud to be a Scrambled eggs!!!! Borders is people made up thing,kindness and love are real,you can feel it,you can see it on people face,you can see it in a baby when smile or laugh,you can see it in the girl/boy you care when their eyes and face bright up for the love they feel for you.
I’m sorry if I’m not proud to be Italian but proud to try my best to be a lovable and kind person!!!!!

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